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Bar News - April 5, 2002

Can't find an NHBA ethics opinion or practical ethics article on point?

THE AMERICAN BAR Association Center for Professional Responsibility (CPR) operates ETHICSearch, a research service that responds to inquiries about situations posing ethics issues.

How will ETHICSearch help you?

  • It offers experienced ABA ETHICSearch lawyers, with a free initial consultation. *
  • It has a national scope, which can also be focused specifically on your jurisdiction.
  • Its research lawyers will provide the citations you need to help you fully understand the issues by:

  • Citing applicable ABA ethics rules;
  • Citing ethics opinions issued by the ABA, as well as state and local bar opinions; and
  • Offering other relevant research materials such as case law, law review articles and treatise materials.

*There is no charge for an initial consultation, or if the ETHICSearch lawyer can answer your question immediately. If additional research is needed or requested, an hourly rate will be charged, as follows:

  • ABA members: $45/hour
  • Non-ABA members: $60/hour

Go to

Caveat for NHBA members: As always, please note that ethics rules vary by state. The New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct are not necessarily the same as the ABA Model Rules, or the ethics rules adopted in other jurisdictions. Opinions and case law may, therefore, interpret rules that are different from those that apply to the situation with which you are concerned. The rules and interpretations of the applicable jurisdiction should be consulted.

NHBA members are encouraged to ask the NHBA Ethics Committee questions pertaining to New Hampshire practice. Inquiries and requests for opinions should be directed to Denice DeStefano, staff liaison to the Ethics Committee, at 224-6942  or at



All of the NHBA Ethics Committees formal opinions and "Practical Ethics" articles (in effect, opinions applied to broader subjects) are posted on this site. On the homepage, click on the NH Practice Guidelines heading (left column) and on the subsequent page, click on the listing in light green type at the top of the page title Ethics Opinions and Practical Ethics Articles.

The articles, from 2001 to 1984, are arranged by year of issue and are posted as downloadable PDF documents.


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