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NHBA`s 2-volume Practice and Procedure Handbook has evolved into a first-source reference for New Hampshire Practitioners of all levels of experience.

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The Duh! Book of Management & Supervision: Dispelling Common Leadership Myths
By Gerri King, Ph.D.
In the DUH! Book of Management and Supervision, the author disagrees with many accepted leadership principles and makes new and different approaches easier to imagine. Her challenging and controversial concepts illustrated with poignant stories suggest common-sense and immediately applicable alternatives more suitable in today’s workplace.

Arthur G. Greene's Practical Guide: Succession Planning for Law Firms and Rewards for Retiring Lawyers
By Arthur G. Greene
This book is designed for those lawyers nearing retirement age with no exit plan in place. Written in a concise and practical style, this guide offers a complete range of the most common succession considerations.

The Billable Hour: A Legal Practitioner’s Guide to Smarter Billing
By Annie Dike
The professional standards attorneys set for themselves are high, intentionally so. It is a difficult and confusing, but highly regarded profession, fraught daily with ethical dilemmas. This guide will teach you an efficient, effective billing system that will enable you to identify and perform more billable tasks, resulting in more hours billed.

You Raised Us - Now Work With Us: Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams
By Lauren Stiller Rikleen
This ground-breaking book is an indispensable resource to help Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers create a more effective work environment. Beautifully written, the book separates myths from reality, and provides practical advice, based on detailed research, to strengthen intergenerational teams and develop the next generation of talented leadership.

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Contact Lisha Brosseau, NH Bar News editiorial assistant, if you are interested in reviewing this book for us. Or suggest your own recent reading.

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