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NHBA Insurance Agency, Inc.
Exclusively Serving Association Members
In 2002, the NH Bar Association established NHBA Insurance Agency, Inc., a subsidiary corporation, to act as an insurance resource and to assist members in obtaining professional liability insurance.

Since that time, the agency has grown and now provides coverage to hundreds of members. The initial focus on professional liability insurance has broadened to include discounted long-term care insurance for members, their employees and families. We're also offering annuities, auto, home, disability and life insurance, and a Law Office package policy.

NHBA Insurance Agency benefits Bar members in several ways. Among the advantages are:
  • More responsive and effective service by focusing exclusively on the insurance needs of NH Bar members;

  • Commissions earned by the Bar's insurance subsidiary will benefit Bar members by generating revenue that will be used for risk management services and programs;

  • Risk-management services and programs that are locally based and New Hampshire-specific.
Please contact Sue Morand at 866-642-2292 or via e-mail at
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Insurance Products
Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
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Law Office Package (Business Owners)
Every attorney is aware of the importance of professional liability insurance. Little thought, however, is given to other equally essential types of insurance protection. NHBA Insurance Agency can help.
Lawyers' Professional (Malpractice) Liability
NHBA Insurance Agency, Inc. is the provider of the majority of Lawyers' Professional Liability policies in the State of New Hampshire. Learn more.

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Long-Term Care Insurance
Learn about Long-Term Care Insurance offered through the NH Bar Association.
Online Court Bonds
We Offer a Broad Range of Bonds: Probate, Court Bonds,and Lost Instrument. 24-hour turnaround time, competetive rates, knowledgeable. Apply online or call 877-553-6376 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Learn about bonds
Risk Management
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We Want to Keep You Covered!
 • Insurance Terms and Ratings 
 • Risk Management Resources

 • Why There's no Association Health Plan

Please call Sue Morand at NHBA Insurance Agency toll-free (866-642-2292) for personalized service, exclusively for NHBA members.

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