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With your Visa, Mastercard or Discover, email Cheryl Moore at:
Phone: (603) 715-EASY (3279)
Fax: (603) 224-3729

About our Products and Services

Live Seminars, Online Seminars, Webcasts & Other Products ~  Online Catalog
NHBA•CLE products can be found on our CLE Online catalog!  

  • Audio CDs & DVDs (non-interactive audio or video/self-study credit)
  • Online Seminars (interactive video on computer/live credit)
  • CLEtoGo (downloadable to your computer, IPOD or MP3 player - non-interactive audio/self-study credit)
  • Live Webcasts (live internet video feed, log in at a certain date and time)
  • Live Programs
  • Books (no credit)
  • E-Publications (materials in .pdf format) (no credit)

Our catalog is available for browsing by delivery type (products listed above) or subject area.  You can also search for a title or a key word using the search bar.

Print a paper copy of the NHBA•CLE self-study catalog.

All products and programs sponsored by NHBA CLE will be automatically reported to the NHMCLE Attorney Reporting Tool within 30 days. Only non-NH bar programs must be entered in ART by the attorney.

Live NHMCLE Credits
Bar Members can obtain all 720 minutes of NHMCLE Credit Minutes in each reporting year by attending a live (in-person) seminar, a facilitated video replay, or by watching online seminars or webcasts through the NHBA•CLE Online Catalog. 

Self Study Program Credits
Bar members may claim up to 360 minutes of NHMCLE Credit Minutes in each reporting year by viewing DVDs, listening to audio CDs or purchasing CLEtoGo products of programs under the self-study provision of Supreme Court Rule 53. Each additional person seeking credit for Audio CDs or DVDs pays a $25 per person fee.

Live Seminars and Video Replays
The NHBA•CLE Department offers numerous live programs every year that you can attend in person.  We also offer facilitated video replays for live credit, which you also attend in person.  Video replays are showings of  past CLE programs. We sometimes offer them in different locations throughout the state.  Click on the gray Calendar tab in the CLE Catalog or click on the upcoming programs list on this website for a listing of all the live events planned in the coming months. 

Online CLE Seminars
These are pre-recorded (archived) versions of live seminars or webcasts available for purchase and are viewed on your computer any time, from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Online seminars throughout the NHBA CLE catalog count as live credit. You are able to submit questions to the forum with the viewing screen.  Here is some important information about our online seminars:

      • Once you purchase an online seminar, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from InreachCE with detailed information about logging in, how to launch the program and how to access the program materials.
      • You will need to sign in to the NHBA•CLE Catalog and go to "My Account" to play the online program, if you do not plan to watch it right away.
      • The materials will be in .pdf format in your account after purchase.  They are also available through the viewer screen.  They can be downloaded, saved or printed.  For best printing results, we recommend that you save each file to your computer before printing.
      • You have access to most of our online programs for 3 months after the purchase date, so you can stop it and start it as many times as you need to during that time period.  The program will start back up where you left off.
      • In order to obtain your certificate of completion for the course, you must first complete a 10-question online evaluation.
      • NHBA CLE will automatically report this credit to the NHMCLE Supreme Court Board within 30 days.

      Live Webcasts
      Webcasts are programs being broadcast live over the internet on a specific day and time.  Like online CLEs through our catalog, webcasts qualify for live NHMCLE Credit.  You are able to ask questions of the presenters by using the form on the viewer screen.  Webcasts are a great alternative to taking a course when you cannot drive to the seminar’s location.  Here is some important information about our webcasts:
      • Once you purchase a webcast, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from InreachCE with detailed information about logging in and how to launch the program.
      • You will receive another e-mail to let you know when the materials are available in your account, usually a day or two before the webcast.  The materials will be in .pdf format and can be downloaded, saved or printed.
      • You will need to sign in to the NHBA•CLE Catalog and go to "My Account" to access the webcast. 
      • It is recommended that you log in at least 10 minutes before the start time.
      • Once the webcast becomes archived into an online program, you will be notified by InreachCE so you can go back in and watch again, or see parts you may have missed during the original broadcast. It will be available to you for 3 months.
      • In order to obtain your certificate of completion for the course, you must first complete a 10-question online evaluation. 
      • NHBA CLE will automatically report this credit to the NHMCLE Supreme Court Board within 30 days..

      CLE Seminar DVDs & Audio CDs
      CLE DVDs of selected seminars with program materials are available for purchase for $169 (5-6 hour programs), $149 (3-4 hour programs) or $99 (2 hours or less). Audio CD package prices are $149 (5-6 hour programs), $129 (3-4 hour programs) or  $99 (2 hours or less).  Individual viewing of DVDs or listening to audio CDs of programs with materials count as self-study credit. Additional information on the programs including a description and faculty listing is available upon request. Interested parties may also arrange to purchase these materials by contacting the CLE Department at (603) 715-EASY (3279) or email Cheryl Moore at: Please note that you cannot receive credit for programs that are over 3 years old.

      CLEtoGo Seminars
      Purchasing a CLEtoGo seminar gives you access to an audio file that can be downloaded onto your computer, an MP3 player or a smart phone.  You will also have access to the program’s materials, in .pdf format.  CLEtoGo seminars count as non-interactive audio (self-study credits).  Access your CLEtoGo and materials by signing into the CLE Product Catalog and clicking on the item in your account.   

      The CLE materials listed in the catalog are publications written by and for New Hampshire practitioners. They contain practical information on substantive areas of law in New Hampshire. Most were written to augment CLE seminars. Audio CDs or DVDs of corresponding seminars are available for purchase on most of the titles. Please note that books alone do not qualify for NHMCLE Credit.

      E-Pubs are documents from seminar handbooks broken down into .pdf files and can be downloaded instantly from the NHBA CLE Catalog.  Electronic documents do not qualify for any NHMCLE Credit.

      CLE Lending Library
      The NH Bar Center, located at 2 Pillsbury Street, Suite 300 in Concord, maintains a lending library of CLE handbooks for NH Bar members' use free of charge. Members may also arrange to view DVDs (for a small fee) at the Bar Center at 2 Pillsbury Street in Concord by contacting the CLE Department.

      NHBA•CLE Club Membership
      Over 75 CLE opportunities a year - programs that feature NH's most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners and judges covering an array of important and timely topics in a variety of formats are available at a reduced fee through the CLE Club. NH Bar members are eligible to join the NHBA•CLE Club to enjoy substantial discounts when attending multiple programs. The membership period runs from July 1 - June 30 and membership is limited. Learn more. For additional information contact the CLE Department at (603) 715-EASY (3279) or

      Additional CLE Publications and Programs
      Announcements of new CLE publications and seminars are featured in New Hampshire Bar News throughout the year and on this site under Continuing Legal Education. Please call the CLE Department at (603) 715-EASY (3279) for further information on any NHBA•CLE products or services.

Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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