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Military Active Status
Fiscal year June 1 – May 31

Any member of the Association on active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States may, upon written request to the Association, have membership dues abated for the duration of such active service.

NHBA Dues and NH Supreme Court fees are waived for members on active duty service with the Armed Forces, for the duration of their active duty status.

Annual NHMCLE Requirement
NH Supreme Court Rule 53
Compliance year July 1 - June 30

To assist the Supreme Court with effective and efficient application of Supreme Court Rule 53, administration of the NHMCLE program is based at the Bar Center and overseen by the court-appointed New Hampshire Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board. The NHMCLE program of the New Hampshire Supreme Court should not be confused with the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education program. NH Supreme Court Rule 53.

If admitted during the reporting year with less than 6 months remaining in the reporting year, there is no NHMCLE requirement for that reporting year.

Up to 720 total minutes, including 120 minutes of Ethics, can be carried forward to the next NHMCLE reporting year, if not needed in the current reporting year.

A confirmation of military exemption may be required by the NHMCLE Board.

EXEMPTIONS - Lawyers on active duty for the United States Armed Forces for more than three (3) months of the reporting year. These lawyers must file a certificate of compliance pursuant to Rule 53.2(A)(1) for each reporting year for which the lawyer is so exempted.

Lawyers exempt under Rule 53.2(A)(1) who wish to claim NHMCLE credit for activities completed during a reporting year for which such exemption applies (e.g., for purposes of carrying over such credits pursuant to Rule 53.1(D)), may do so by either (1) filing a certificate of compliance for the reporting year in which the activity was completed, or (2) reporting such activities on the certificate of compliance filed for the following reporting year if no exemption is then available.

After three months of being Active Military you are exempt until returning from the active duty.

Practical Skills Course
NH Supreme Court Rule 42 (7); Sections (a) – (c)

The NHBA Practical Skills Course must be taken within two (2) years of being sworn in to the NH Bar. NH Supreme Court Rule 42.

This requirement is waived until member is no longer on Active Duty or until back in NH.

Annual Trust Accounting Compliance
Certificate & Mandatory IOLTA Certification

NH Supreme Court Rule 50

If a member is Active at any point in the Fiscal Year (June 1 – May 31), a TAC form must be completed and filed. Failure to file this form by August 1st will result in a NH Supreme Court imposed fine of $100 for each month or fractions thereof that the form remains unfiled. Please see the NH Practice Compliance Deadlines graphic below for further details. NH Supreme Court Rule 50.

If you are in doubt about the status of any meeting, please call the Bar Center at 603-224-6942 before you head out.

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