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Past NH Bar Award Recipients
Awards usually presented at the NHBA Midyear Meeting
Distinguished Service to the Public
Award Description
This award is presented to the nominee who best exhibits service to the public on behalf of the administration of justice.
2017    Hon. Joseph Laplante
2016    Judge Joseph DiClerico
2015    Judge Edward "Ned" Gordon
2014    Gordon J. MacDonald
2013    Margaret H. Nelson
2012    Roland Morneau
2011    Charles Greenhalgh
2010    Jack B. Middleton, David L. Nixon, Kimon S. Zachos
2009    Carol L. Kunz
2008    Rule 170 Volunteers
2007    Paul S. Moore
2006    John C. Norton
2005    Military (active) members of NHBA
2003    Members of the Judicial Selection Commission: Atty. Ken Brown, Atty. John Dwyer, Atty. Fred Hall, Atty. Katherine Hanna, Chair, Ms. Kathy Keller, Atty. Marilyn McNamara, Atty. Diane Nicolosi, Ms. Marcia Sink, Mr. William Walker, Atty. Phil Waystack, Chief William Wrenn
2002    W. John Funk
1999    Hon. Robert D. Marshall
1998    Thomas B.S. Quarles
1996    Hon. William Batchelder
NHBA Vickie Bunnell Award for Community Service
Award Description
Instituted in 1998 to honor the memory of Vickie M. Bunnell "A Country Lawyer" and to applaud the community spirit that is a hallmark of our profession this award is presented to an attorney from a small firm (four or fewer attorneys) who has exhibited dedication and devotion to community by giving of their time and talents, legal or otherwise.
2017    Robert C. Varney
2016    Roger Phillips
2015    James Gleason
2014    Jonathan Frizzell
2013    Christopher T. Regan
2012    James Noucas
2011    George C. "Kit" Carter
2010    Quentin J. Blaine
2008    Solo & Small Firm Attorneys
2007    Matthew Lahey
2006    Mary L. Wade
2005    David D. King
2004    Katherine B. Stearns
2003    Vicki S. Roundy
2002    Paul D. Desjardins
1999    Gerard J. Boyle
1998    Ignatius MacLellan
Outstanding Service in Public Sector/Public Interest Law Award
Award Description
This award is presented to a member of the New Hampshire Bar, or an organization employing eligible members, with at least five years of service in government, military, law enforcement, or public interest law services (including prosecution, public defense, legal advocacy in low-income communities or for individuals with disabilities at a nonprofit organization), or at another nonprofit organization. Download a nomination form.
2017    Maureen F. O'Neil
2016    Dorothy Graham
2015    Joseph Malfitani
2014    Jeffrey Strelzin
2013    Alan Linder
2012    Barbara Keshen
2011    Marshall Buttrick
2010    Cheryl A. Sessions
2009    B. Randy Hawkes*
2009    James E. Fender*
L. Jonathan Ross Award for Outstanding Commitment to Legal Services for the Poor
Award Description
This award was named for Jon Ross in 1988 to recognize his work on the state and national level to mobilize bar leaders to support civil legal services for the poor along with his unsurpassed leadership and dedication to pro bono legal services.
2017    Brian Shaughnessy
2015    Marilyn Mahoney
2014    Charles Greenhalgh
2013    David L. Nixon
2012    Pamela Peterson
2011    Steven Scudder
2009    Richard Y. Uchida
2008    Katherine Bucklin Stearns
2007    Chief Justice John T. Broderick
2006    Patrick T. Hayes
2005    Alethea Froburg
2004    Michael P. Hall
2003    Stephanie A. Bray
2002    John C. Norton
2002    Sanders & McDermott Law Firm
2000    Phil Rader (posthumous)
1999    Steven V. Camerino
1998    Donald F. Hebert
1997    Elliott Berry
1996    Marilyn B. McNamara
1995    Robert D. Gross
1994    Chief Justice David A. Brock & Chief Justice Joseph P. Nadeau
1993    Bruce Friedman
Philip Hollman Award for Gender Equality
Award Description
The award, established on the occasion of Judge Hollman's retirement from the Superior Court bench in 2003, honors Judge Hollman's efforts as a stalwart advocate for gender equality in the legal system.
2018    Joni N. Esperian
2017    Joseph Keefe
2016    Sherry Young
2015    Jaye L. Rancourt
2014    Heather E. Krans
2013    Hon. Gillian L. Abramson
2012    Hon. Gary E. Hicks
2011    Hon. Linda S. Dalianis
2010    Jennifer L. Parent
2009    Linda S. Paquette
2008    Katharine A. Daly
2007    Honey Hastings
2006    Linda S. Johnson
2005    Maureen Raiche Manning
2004    NH Public Defender Program
President’s Award for Service to the Profession
2017    David M. Rothstein*
Special President's Award
2015    Hon. John T. Broderick, Jr.
2014    John Tobin
2014    Foreclosure Relief Project, HomeHelpNH, 2-1-1 NH
2000    Richard Gagliuso
2000    Nina C. Gardner
1999    Jack B. Middleton
1992    Tom Rath
Dedicated Service to the Bench and Bar
1992    Ralph W. Wood & Constance T. Rinden (Supreme Court)
Distinguished Service to the Profession & the Public
1995    Long Distance North and Frontier Communications
1993    Rep. Caroline Gross
1992    Bjorn Lange
1991    Senators Warren Rudman & Gordon Humphrey
1990    Senator Warren Rudman & Gordon Humphrey
Awards usually presented at the NHBA Annual Meeting
Justice William Grimes Award for Judicial Professionalism
Award Description
To honor the memory of Justice William A. Grimes this award is presented to a judge the best fits the following:
"The judges therefore should always be men of learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness and attention. Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man or body of men."
John Adams, 1776

2017    Justice Carol Ann Conboy
2016    Hon. J. Michael Deasy
2015    Hon. Pamela D. Albee
2014    Hon. Albert Cirone Jr. (retired)
2013    Hon. Harold W. Perkins (retired)
2012    Hon. Steven Houran
2011    Hon. Paul Moore
2010    Chief Justice John T. Broderick
2009    Hon. Pamela D. Kelly
2008    Hon. Raymond A. Cloutier
2007    Hon. Joseph A. DiClerico, Jr.
2006    Hon. Martha W. Copithorne (Marital Master ret.)
2005    Hon. Paul H. Lawrence
2004    Hon. John R. Maher
2003    Hon. Patricia C. Coffey, Hon. Carol Ann Conboy, Hon. Kathleen A. McGuire and Hon. Robert E.K. Morrill
2002    NH Supreme Court Bench: Hon. David A. Brock, Chief Justice, Hon. John T. Broderick, Jr., Hon. Joseph P. Nadeau, Hon. Linda S. Dalianis and Hon. James E. Duggan
2001    Hon. Gerald F. Giles
2000    Marital Master Peter J. Bourque
1999*    Hon. Walter L. Murphy
Distinguished Service to the Legal Profession
Award Description
This award is presented to the nominee who best exhibits service to the legal profession.
2017    Charles Douglas
2016    Justice Carol Ann Conboy
2015    John Burwell Garvey
2014    Mary Searles
2013    James R. Starr
2012    Philip Waystack
2011    Robert A. Wells
2010    John B. Andrews
2009    Charles A. DeGrandpre
2008    Gretchen L. Witt
2007    Hon. John R. Maher (retired)
2006    John F. Bomster
2005    Michael S. DeLucia
2004    Edward H. Adamsky
2003    Robert C. Varney
2002    Bruce W. Felmly
2001    Howard J. Zibel
1999    William S. Harrold; John C. Norton
1998    Richard Y. Uchida
1997    Andrew D. Dunn
1996    Hon. William F. Batchelder
1994    Stephen L. Tober; Linda S. Paquette
1993    Paul W. Chant
1992    Nashua Bar Association, Donald E. Mitchell & Deskbook Committee
1991    Edward B. Mulligan, IV
1990    Jack B. Middleton, Senator Warren B. Rudman
Distinguished Service to the Profession and the Public
2009    Paul C. Semple
2000    Richard C. Gagliuso, Nina C. Gardner
1995    Ronald Prohaska, Robert M. Viles
E. Donald Dufresne Award for Outstanding Professionalism
Award Description
To honor the memory of E. Donald Dufresne this award is presented to an attorney the best fits the following:
A professional lawyer is an expert in law Pursuing a learned art in service to clients and in the spirit of public service; And engaging in these pursuits as part of a common calling To promote justice and public good.
2017    George Moore
2016    R. David DePuy
2015    Hon. John Kissinger
2014    Eileen Fox
2013    Thomas R. Watson
2012    Gretchen L. Witt
2011    John B. Garvey
2010    Christopher M. Keating
2009    Graham P. Chynoweth (posthumously at the Midyear Meeting)
2008    Peter G. Beeson
2006    Emily G. Rice
2005    Arpiar G. Saunders
2004    Cathy J. Green
2003    Frederic K. Upton
2002    Dort S. Bigg
2001    Randall F. Cooper
2000    Arnold R. Falk (posthumously)
1999*    William L. Chapman
Award for Outstanding Professionalism
1998    John E. Tobin
1997    Martin L. Gross
1996    Robert R. Howard, III
1995    Patricia McKee
1994    Hon. Philip S. Hollman
1993    David L. Nixon
1992    Joseph M. Kerrigan
1991    Joseph A. Millimet
1990    Hon. William F. Batchelder
1989*    Robert L. Chiesa
Bruce E. Friedman Pro Bono Award
Award Description
This award recognizes a NH Bar member and UNH Law alumni member who embodies the values and work of Bruce Friedman, the late founder of the civil practice clinic at the law school and a legend in the world of civil legal services in New Hampshire.
2017    Marilyn Mahoney, Harvey & Mahoney PA
2016    Catherine E. Shanelaris, Shanelaris & Schirch PLLC
2015    Jack P. Crisp Jr., The Crisp Law Firm PLLC
2014    Quentin Blaine, Blaine Law Office PLLC
2013    Steven B. Scudder
2012*    Marilyn Billings McNamara, Upton & Hatfield
Award presented at the Paralegal Association’s Annual Meeting
Paralegal Professionalism Award
Award Description
This annual award is presented to the nominee who best exhibits a high degree of professionalism: possesses an outstanding level of job-related knowledge; has motivation that exceeds expectations; is considered a role model for other paralegals; and promotes paralegal work as a profession.
2017    Nancy Dorr, McLane Middleton
2016    Priscilla Sleeper, Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green
2015    Christine Foley, Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella
2014    Kari Fridley, Niederman Stanzel & Lindsey
2013    Anna McLaughlin, Boutin Altieri
2012    Stacey Peters, Preti Flaherty
2011    Suzanne Blake, City of Concord Solicitor's Office
2010    Melissa McNally, Bourque & Associates
2009    Linda Hammond Lewis, Wiggin & Nourie
2009    Candace C. Gebhart, NH Legal Assistance
2007    Anikó Bouley, GoffWilson Professional Association
2006    Renee C. Wormell, Citizens Bank NH
2005    Deborah Snow, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
2004    Sue Gendron, Hebert & Uchida
2003    Michele Berardo, Orr & Reno
2001    Thomas Van Beaver, Merrimack County Attorney’s Office
2000    Heather Molkentine, Hamblett & Kerrigan
1999    Lorinda Gaillard Monroe, Ransmeier & Spellman
1998    Rebecca L. Myers, Boynton, Waldron, Doleac, Woodman & Scott
1997    Cheryl Meachen, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton
1996    Merry Sweeney, Garner & Minkow
1995    Kathleen Williams-Fortin, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton
1993    Charles A. Barkie, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton
1994    McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton
1993    Felicia Bessey, Feeney, Adams & Bennett
1992    Pauline Leman, Wiggin & Nourie
1991*    Betty Jean Bailey, Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green

*First such award given.

If you are in doubt about the status of any meeting, please call the Bar Center at 603-224-6942 before you head out.

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