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Dues & Membership Status Information

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    SC Fees & Forms
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2015-16 NH Bar Member Annual Requirements
Please Remember to:
• Check Your Section Membership(s) - instructions are on page 2 of the NH Bar Association Dues Invoice
• Total all amounts in the TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED area
For efficiency and convenience, the NH Bar Association collects mandatory fees on behalf of the NH Supreme Court.
Your Membership Dues and NH Supreme Court fees can now be paid online. If you do not wish to take advantage of the online payment option, please remember to:
✓ Total the amounts on your invoices and write one check payable to NH Bar Association
✓ To assure proper credit to your account, please write your Bar ID on your check and submit it with the bottom portions of the NH Bar Association Dues Invoice and the NH Supreme Court Fees invoice
YOU MUST FILE THIS FORM (even if you are not in the private practice of law and have no trust accounts) UNLESS, during the ENTIRE reporting period (June 1, 2014 - May 31, 2015) you:
• Have been on "INACTIVE" membership status with the Bar Association for the entire reporting period, or
• Have been a full-time judge for the entire reporting period, or
• Have been a full-time marital master for the entire reporting period, or
• Have been a full-time Supreme, Superior or Circuit Court Clerk or Deputy Clerk for the entire reporting period.
Failure to file this form by August 1, 2015 will result in a NH Supreme Court imposed fine of $100.00 for each month, or fraction thereof, that the form remains not filed (See SC Rule 50-A).
For efficiency and convenience, the NH Bar Association collects the Trust Account Compliance/IOLTA Form and then forwards the form to the NH Supreme Court.
Please Remember to:
✓ Legibly print or type your name
✓ Complete the section I, II or III, Sign & Date the form
✓ Make a copy of the signed form for your records and return the original, signed copy to the NH Bar Association
NH Bar Association
Dues/Fees Processing
2 Pillsbury St, Suite 300
Concord NH 03301
Printable checklist.

Check the Box - Support NHBA Pro Bono

Make a donation to the NHBA Pro Bono Referral Program by checking off the box on your Bar dues bill and you will assist Pro Bono in seeing that low-income families, veterans and seniors are connected to the legal help they need. Veterans desperate to see their kids, victims afraid of the next blow, seniors fearful of losing their homes, and moms working three jobs and still unable to pay their creditors... Your tax-deductible gift will help them by supporting what Pro Bono does best—annually leveraging several million dollars of donated legal services by New Hampshire attorneys. Each year these leveraged services benefit several thousand low-income adults and children in need, from assuring safety through protective orders to preserving shelter by stopping unlawful foreclosures or evictions to preventing loss of basic income by halting IRS levies.

So just what does Pro Bono do with the funds it receives through grants and donations? These dollars support a small, dedicated staff who:

✓ Provide attorneys with a variety of opportunities to meet their professional responsibilities under Rule 6.1, including special projects such as DOVE, the Foreclosure Relief Project and the Low-Income Taxpayer Project
✓ Screen, develop and prepare cases appropriate for referral to volunteers
✓ Manage a large database of volunteer information
✓ Match volunteers with mentors as requested
✓ Help manage client expectations
✓ Develop and coordinate training programs
✓ Coordinate interpreters and other professionals
✓ Locate information/resources that volunteers need
✓ Recognize volunteer efforts

In addition, Pro Bono provides volunteers with:

✓ Primary malpractice insurance
✓ Waiver of court filing and service fees
✓ Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses
✓ Sample forms and materials
✓ And more!

In these days of shrinking IOLTA funds, your tax-deductible donation helps the nationally recognized NH Pro Bono Program maintain its effectiveness in helping to meet the legal needs of New Hampshire’s disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens.

2015-2016 NH Bar Dues and Mandatory Supreme Court Fees Schedule

Membership Category
NH Bar Dues
NH Supreme Court Fees
Active Members (4th year plus)
Active Members (through 3rd year)
Full Time Judicial Members $255
Part Time Judicial Members $175
Inactive Members $175
Inactive Retired
Pro Bono Active (4th year plus)
Pro Bono Active (through 3rd year)
Military Active
No Charge
Military Inactive
No Charge
Honorary Active
No Charge
Honorary Inactive
No Charge
* The NH Supreme Court has temporarily suspended the annual PPF Filing Fee for the 2016 reporting year.
The NHMCLE Fee has been reinstated by the NH Supreme Court at $10. Active members who must comply with NHMCLE requirements for the fiscal year 2014/2015 are assessed this fee. The fee is paid upon filing of the NHMCLE Affidavit and is not a part of the annual membership renewal.
Bar News is $26
Section Fee for Members: $40

Contact List

Member Records
Status Changes, Address Changes, Letters of Good Standing
Susan Lakeway 603-715-3208
Certificate of Compliance, CLE requirement (Rule 53)  
Information/Registration, CDs/DVDs, Books, etc.
Cheryl Moore 603-715-3260
Dues Payments Susan Belair 603-715-3265
IOLTA Lisha Brosseau  603-715-3210
Trust Account Compliance Certificates Craig Calaman,
Attorney Discipline Office

Dues & Court Fees Assistance

Any member of NHBA may apply for dues assistance for NHBA dues and mandatory Court fees.

The dues and Court fees assistance application form asks applicants to certify that payment of dues and Court fees would pose a serious financial hardship for them. Examples of hardship include but are not limited to prolonged periods of unemployment with proof of resulting economic hardship, costly medical problems and other serious financial issues. In addition to the application and financial form, NHBA may request additional or supporting information. ALL APPLICATIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL and the information will not be shared outside the decision making process.
Membership Status Information

To learn about the benefits, requirements and dues for each of the different membership categories available to NH Bar members, please visit our Membership Statuses web page.

Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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