This video walks you through the steps to login to My NHBar Portal.

Login to My NHBar Portal on the website to access your Forums.

Login to NH Bar Portal


This video demonstrates where the link to your Forums is and what the Forum landing page looks like.

Entering your Forums


This video demonstrates how to add a new topic, and view topics if you are not receiving e-mail updates through subscriptions. Another video will discuss subscription options for the types of email updates you wish to receive.

Adding and Viewing Topics in Forums


This video demonstrates how to reply or respond to a post.

Replying and Responding to Topics in Forums


You can participate in Forum discussions on the Forums page exclusively or you can elect to get email notifications of Forum activities and updates. This video explains the three levels of email notification you can choose and how to make your subscription selections.

Forum Subscriptions

This video describes the remainder of the setting options available using the Forums page.

Advanced Settings