The New Hampshire Bar Association’s Welcomes Daniel E. Will as President of the Board of Governors at Annual Meeting 2020

Concord, NH, June 23, 2020– The New Hampshire Bar Association held their Annual Meeting virtually online at the Bar Center in Concord, NH, this past Friday, June 19, 2020. The President’s gavel was passed from Edward D. Philpot, Jr. a solo practitioner for 27 years and former Belknap County Bar President to Daniel E. Will, New Hampshire’s first Solicitor General, working under the Attorney General in the Department of Justice. Will is believed to be the first attorney working in the public sector while serving as Bar President. Philpot thanked his fellow board members for their support of his year and recognized the Bar Center staff for their dedication to New Hampshire Bar Association members especially while Bar Center staff were working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Will thanked Philpot for his service to the Association. Will discussed how his term as President will focus on how the Association can better serve public sector attorneys’ needs. Will expressed that his biggest hope for his term is to look for and find ways to help meet the challenges and struggles that are imposed upon New Hampshire attorneys in the current moment, trying to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Edward J. Philpot, Jr. passes the gavel to ...
in coming President Daniel E. Will)
in coming President Daniel E. Will
(Board of Governors applaud the Passing of the Gavel Ceremony)

The New Hampshire Bar Association congratulated newly appointed and re-elected officers and board members and recognized outgoing officers and board members for their service to the Association and its members. President Edward Philpot welcomed three new board members; Jesse Friedman (Belknap County Governor), Leslie Leonard (Carroll County Governor), and James Shepard (Governor at Large). He likewise recognized outgoing members, David McGrath and James Cowles.  David is leaving the board after completing his four-year service from Vice President though Immediate Past President. Jim Cowles completed two terms as Carroll County Governor. Former board member John Curran, who was appointed by Governor Sununu to the Circuit Court bench and thus resigned from the board in April was also recognized. John served two terms as Governor at Large and a part of a two-year term as Merrimack County Governor.  Lastly, Ed recognized three members that completed terms and were elected/appointed to different seats. Sandra Cabrera, former Coos County Governor and Governor at Large was elected as Vice President. Kristin Fields was elected a Governor at Large after completing two terms as the Belknap County Governor. Lastly, Jonathan Eck, after completing two terms as Governor at Large was appointed to serve as Merrimack County Governor until the 2021 election.

The New Hampshire Bar Association recognized recently retired and newly appointed members of the judiciary and will be making a donation in each of their names to the NH Supreme Court Society. Recently retired judges from the Superior Court include Hon. Richard B. McNamara and Hon. Steven M. Houran, and from the Circuit Court; Hon. James H. Leary, and Hon. Robert J. Foley. Recently appointed to Superior Court was Hon. Martin P. Honigberg, and to the Circuit Court; Hon. John Andrew Curran and Hon. Kimberly Chabot (going from part-time to full-time).

As is its tradition at the Annual Meeting, the New Hampshire Bar Association honored and recognized members of the Association who are celebrating 50 years of practicing law. These members included Attorney William S. Boesch, Attorney Nicolas Bull, Attorney Neil F. Castaldo, Attorney Samuel D. Conti, Attorney Thomas E. Craig, Attorney Daniel D. Crean, Attorney Harold J. Dane, Attorney R. David DePuy, Attorney Christopher D. Dye, Hon. Richard E. Galway, Attorney Thomas J. Hammond, Attorney Ernest A. Jette, Attorney Mary Susan Leahy, Attorney Curtis W. Little Jr., Attorney Walter L. Mitchell, Attorney Daniel D. Muller, Attorney Vincent A. Murray, Jr., Attorney Thomas M. Pancoast, Attorney Charles C. Platto, Attorney Gary B. Richardson, Attorney Brackett L. Scheffy, Attorney William G. Scott, Attorney Norman J. Silber, Attorney Kurt M. Swenson, Attorney Richard F. Therrien, Hon. W.H. Dale Townley-Tilson, Hon. Mark W. Vaughn, and Attorney Gary P. Westergren.

(President, Daniel E. Will and Executive Director, George R. Moore)