Join NH Pro Bono in Providing Help and Transforming Lives by Donating Now!

Be part of a program that gives lower-income families and individuals the opportunity for greater stability, more hope and a second chance. Donate to the NH Pro Bono Program and you can impact the lives of vulnerable and economically disadvantaged families and individuals, who look to the legal system for a fair shake. For people with scarce resources, the value of legal assistance cannot be overstated. Often what is at stake is fundamental to everyday life—shelter, income, safety, employment and providing for one’s children.
When you donate to Pro Bono, you help:

√ Support the rule of law at a fundamental level
√ Make a difference for those in need
√ Provide access to justice

Your contribution is key to Pro Bono’s success in leveraging both volunteer time and grant funds that make this work possible.

All contributions to Pro Bono, a 501(c) nonprofit, are fully tax-deductible.

It is important work and incredibly rewarding for myself as an attorney.”  – Rory Parnell, Parnell, Michels & McKay, PLLC

“I’m eternally grateful. Please keep up the amazing work.” – A.S., Pro Bono Client