By George Moore,
New Hampshire Bar Association
Executive Director

Introducing Affinity Consulting, Powering TechConnect

Technology — love it or hate it — the effective use of it is essential in the modern law practice environment. Virtually every action a lawyer takes can be made much more efficient, or become a disaster, depending on the lawyer’s capabilities to leverage ever-changing technology.

I am reminded of the old Xerox Corporation commercial at the onset of the
technological revolution for running a small business. A Monk is standing in front of a copy machine the size of a Volkswagen, he places a paper in the feed slot; he adjusts it; he pushes a button. Then, suddenly, the window above the copier is suffused with heaven-sent rays of sunlight.
The Monk lifts his hands and face to the window, and declares its “a miracle,” as five copies pop out of the other side of the Volkswagen!

The point I want to make is that we don’t need to know how it works, we just
need to know what it can do for us. The key is that the Monk knows the right trays to use, and buttons to push, to bend the technology to do his bidding.

The NHBA is pleased to announce that it has hired its own legal consultants
with technology expertise, Affinity Consulting Group! These nationally known consultants will be available to guide NH lawyers on their questions, such as difficulties in trying to make law firm technology work for them and how to select technology to accomplish the tailored needs of the lawyer and their firm.

This is not “tech support” or tech repair in the sense that your printer stops
working. It is consulting on decisions lawyers have to make to insure the best possible tech enhancement to their law practices.

Our partners in this venture are experts in both Apple and Microsoft systems. They specialize in legal applications. Make no doubt about it, they are not here to sell any product. Their consulting success will be your success, as measured by the Law Practice Management team at the NHBA. Their focus is to help solo practitioner and small firms navigate the
mercurial changes of technology, which never seem to go slower. They are your TECH CONNECTION.

Connect from the comfort and convenience of your office with these highly regarded legal consultants. Options will be easily accessible! Look for the link to TECH CONNECT on the homepage of the NHBA website.

You can choose to email or have a scheduled phone/video call with a consultant with deep expertise in areas of legal-related technology. There is no limit to the number of times that you can call or email. If you send an inquiry via email, one of Affinity’s highly trained consultants will respond within two business days.

If you want to set up a telephone/ remote video consultation, you can easily schedule an appointment for up to 30 minutes with a consultant. You may be asked to fill out a few very quick questions, such as whether your inquiry may relate to Apple or PC/Microsoft systems, in order to direct you to a consultant with relevant experience.

And then there’s the best part — it’s free! And, on top of that, the number of the consults and/or e-mails you may request is unlimited, so you can truly drill down on the problem or question that is posed. Finally, if you go to the NHBA website resources page, you will find checklists and product comparison charts, brought to you by our partnership with Affinity.

We will be ironing out the final details, and plan to go live with a launch
date in the latter part of September. So, after we launch — use it! Make your life easier. If there is sufficient interest, we may offer at some point in the future more TECH CONNECT programs, such as monthly webinars, print articles on technology trends, and blogs.

If you are a solo or small firm practitioner, make that Volkswagen printer
work for you, and be like the Monk in the ad — let technology improve your job satisfaction and ease your burden.