In This Issue

  • Siri is my Client: A First Look at Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues By John Weaver
  • NH Rule of Evidence No. 504: The Marital Privilege in the Age of Email, Texting and Social Media By Peter Lawlor
  • Riding the Wave: Social Media in Local Government By C. Christine Fillmore
  • The Interaction of Social Media and the Law and How to Survive the Social Media Revolution By Steven J. Venezia
  • OMG, TMI: Civil Discovery and Social Media By John Alexander
  • Client or Con? Con Artists Excel on the Internet at Making Lawyers Their Marks By Ellen Eidelbach Pitluk
  • Balancing Civil Liberties with Clinical Care: Reviewing the Recent Change in the Involuntary Admissions Statute By Alexander de Nesnera, M.D., DFAPA, Paul Shagoury, Ph.D, and Elizabeth Howell Woodbury, Psy.D.
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff