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Dispute with an Attorney?
New Hampshire attorneys are required to abide by the NH Rules of Professional Conduct. Complaints of misconduct or ethical violations are under the jurisdiction of the NH Supreme Court's Attorney Discipline Office.
Ethical Violation or Dispute?
♦ Complaints are usually the result of a misunderstanding between the attorney and client.

♦ First discuss the matter with the attorney and request a detailed explanation.

♦ Usually an open and good-faith discussion will produce a satisfactory solution to the disagreement.
Misconduct and Ethical Violations are those that violate one or more of the Rules of Professional Conduct

If you are unsure if your complaint is an ethical violation or not, contact:

Supreme Court's Attorney Discipline Office
4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102
Concord NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-5828   

NH Attorney Discipline System
How to file a misconduct complaint against an attorney

If your complaint does not rise to the level of an ethical violation, contact the Dispute Resolution Committee:

New Hampshire Bar Association/Dispute Resolution 
2 Pillsbury Street, Suite 300
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-6942

Information about the Dispute Resolution Committee
Dispute with a Legal Professional?
Complaint against a judge
Grievances against judges must be addressed to:

NH Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Conduct
74 Exeter Road
Newmarket, NH 03857

More information on filing a complaint against a judge
♦ State of NH Judicial Conduct Committee
Complaint against a Public Defender
If your concern involves an attorney in the Public Defenders Program, you should contact the Executive Director of the Public Defender Program. 

Executive Director
NH Public Defender 
2½ Beacon Street 
Concord, NH 03301     


Supreme Court's Attorney Discipline Office
NH Attorney Discipline System
4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102
Concord NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-5828    
How to find out if a complaint
has been filed against a lawyer
The Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office can tell you whether there have been any complaints filed against a lawyer.

Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office
NH Attorney Discipline System
4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102
Concord NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-5828
Complaint against court staff
If you feel that the court staff did not act properly in my case, speak directly to the clerk of the court.

Find the clerk of your court.
Complaint against a Guardian ad litem
Concerns about the actions of a Guardian ad litem should be directed to the entity that certified that particular GAL.

♦ Check the GAL website for the names of those who are board-certified
♦ Check the Court's website for the names of those who are court-certified.        
Public Protection Fund
The Public Protection Fund has been established, in the words of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, at Rule 55, ". . . to provide a public service and to promote confidence in the administration of justice and the integrity of the legal profession by providing some measure of reimbursement to victims who have lost money or property. . ." because of theft or misappropriation by a New Hampshire attorney, and occurring in New Hampshire during the course of a client-attorney or fiduciary relationship between the attorney and you. The Fund is administered by the New Hampshire Bar Association, through a nine-member committee, under the general oversight of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. The Fund is funded by annual contributions made by attorneys who are members of the New Hampshire Bar Association. Learn more.

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