Established on the occasion of Judge Hollman’s retirement from the Superior Court bench in 2003, the award is designed to honor Judge Hollman’s efforts as a stalwart advocate for gender equality in the legal system.


The nominee may be a Bar member, an employee of a law firm or a New Hampshire court, or an employee of a state department or agency which is part of the legal system.  The nominee will be someone who:

  • has exhibited a dedication to promoting respect and fair treatment toward all members of the judicial system;
  • seeks to promote gender equality through leadership and educating others on such issues; and
  • has taken the initiative in matters of gender equality and by his/her actions and words has been a role model in this area.

The award will be presented at the 2021 Midyear Meeting on.  Please send your nominations no later than November 06, 2020 to the Gender Equality Committee Liaison at 603-715-3213.


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