Law Student Advantage

The Law Student Advantage is a package of New Hampshire Bar Association services created especially for law students (not yet admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction) interested in eventually practicing law in New Hampshire.

Law Student Advantage will allow you to get a head-start on finding your niche in NH law practice, meet practicing lawyers in NH as they discuss their practice areas, and read an award-winning publication focusing on emerging trends and the latest news about law in our state.

The NHBA Law Student Advantage package includes:

  • 3 Section Subscriptions – $120/ year value.
    Sections provide opportunities for networking and improving knowledge and skills. Over 2,100 NHBA members currently belong to one or more of the Bar’s 22 sections, which cover a wide array of practice areas. Law students (not yet admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction) may subscribe to section mailings, attend section activities, and access the Section web pages.
  • NH Bar News Subscription – a $75/year value.
    Bar News is a monthly publication that features important information from the courts, as well as articles on current legal issues, news about Association services, activities, and a comprehensive classified section.
  • Email Newsletter
    The Bar Association sends an e-mail newsletter to all members who choose to subscribe. Sent weekly on Wednesdays, the newsletter contains timely announcements, inquiries and news too time-sensitive for Bar News.
  • Invitations to Participate in New Lawyers Committee Social/Networking Events
    Participating in New Lawyers Committee events provides priceless opportunities for law students to make contacts and gain practical knowledge about the profession of law in NH.

A $195 value for only $50!…AND your $50 supports the NHBA Pro Bono Program! Sign up now!

Please note that Law Student Advantage subscription runs from June 1 through May 31.

Section Membership

Membership in one or more of the New Hampshire Bar Association’s sections provides an opportunity for improving knowledge and skills in a particular practice area. Sign up online.

Please note that a section subscription runs from June 1 through May 31.

Confidential Help for Law Students

New Hampshire Lawyers Assistance helps law students deal with and recover from a wide range of issues

Most people know from the outset that law school will be tough, but many lack resources for adequately coping with the stresses law school can bring.

For those law students struggling with issues of depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol problems or other mental health issues, NH Lawyers Assistance can help. LAP offers a full range of resources and solutions to help you manage your issues in the short and long term. Every service provided through the LAP is 100% confidential and 100% free.

Traps for the Unwary

“Traps for the Unwary” is a publication of the New Lawyers Committee, which is intended to aid in the practice of law in New Hampshire.

The sixth edition of “Traps”, published in August 2015, identifies some of the traps into which new and experienced lawyers may fall in their everyday practice of law. View the publication.