Each referral request is reviewed by an LRS staff member. These referrals are NOT computer generated. Occasionally, additional information may be needed and you will receive an email from LRS requesting further details. There is no fee for the referral, and LRS attorneys agree not to charge more than $25 for a consultation of up to 30 minutes (if at all). Consultation fees are generally not charged for Personal Injury (plaintiffs), Worker’s Compensation Appeals or Social Security Disability Appeals.

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Please note, LRS attorneys charge their usual legal fees. This service does not provide pro bono (free) representation. Click for additional  information on legal service programs in New Hampshire, including the Modest Means Legal Program.

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I understand that I will be referred to an attorney who charges standard legal fees. There is no fee for the referral, but the attorney may charge up to $25 for the first thirty-minute consultation, after which the attorney may charge his/her standard fees for a consultation that exceeds thirty minutes. I also understand that if the attorney is not able to provide me with a consultation of up to 30 minutes, I will contact LRS, and LRS will make up to two more referrals.

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