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Do You Need an Attorney but
Can't Afford an Attorney's Full Fees?

The Reduced-Fee Program May be Able to Help!

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What is the Reduced-Fee Program?

How Much Do Reduced-Fee Attorneys Charge?

How are the Attorneys Chosen for Each Individual Case?

Do I Have to Hire The Attorney I am Referred To?

Is There a Charge For This Service?

How Will My Eligibility Be Determined?

What If I Don’t Have an Income?  Am I Still Eligible?

What Types of Cases Are Accepted On a Reduced-Fee Basis?

What Types of Cases are not Eligible for the Reduced-Fee Program?

How Do I Apply for a Reduced-Fee Referral?

The Reduced-Fee Program of the NH Bar Association assists people whose income is too high for Pro Bono (free) legal services, but who cannot afford to pay an attorney's standard rate.  If you qualify for a reduced-fee referral, LRS will refer you to an attorney who has agreed to accept certain cases at a reduced rate.
The fees differ from attorney to attorney, but the maximum amount they will charge is $80 per hour.  The amount of the retainer will be determined by the attorney, but is usually less than is normally charged.
LRS maintains a database of attorneys who have agreed to accept cases on a reduced-fee basis.  The database can be searched by the type of attorney needed, and the geographic location of the caller or where the court is located.  LRS will attempt to find an attorney in as convenient a location for the caller as possible. 
You are not obligated to hire the attorney you are referred to, and the attorney is also not required to take your case.  If the attorney you are referred to is unable to assist you, we can provide you with another referral, up to a total of three referrals.
The Reduced-Fee Referral Program charges a $25 application fee for those applying for and receiving referral services. This fee is a one-time administrative charge per legal matter to help fund the cost of Program operations. It is non-refundable except where the Program is unable to make an attorney referral for an applicant otherwise eligible for services. The attorney may charge a small fee for the initial consultation.
Eligibility is determined by your gross household  income, including earned and unearned income.  Child support and alimony payments are the only expenses that may be deducted from gross income to determine eligibility.  When you call to apply, the information you will need to provide includes your gross household income (i.e. wages or benefits such as SSD, Workers' Compensation, Unemployment benefits or VA benefits), bank account balances, and the value of any stocks, bonds, CD’s and/or retirement accounts.
The Reduced-Fee Program is not a free service.  The service is designed for people who have some ability to pay for an attorney, but who cannot afford an attorney’s full fees.  If you need free services, you will be referred to another legal services program if possible.
Civil Litigation Defense
· Repossession
· Real Estate Foreclosure
· Student Loan Issues
 Consumer Issues
· Issues With Banks
· Issues With Builders
· Issues With New or 
  Used Car Purchases
 · DUI First Offense
· Class B Misdemeanors
· Cases Not Eligible for a Public Defender
Education Issues
· Special Education
· Student Rights
Elder Law
Family Law
· Adoption
· Divorce
· Custody
· Child Support
· Grandparents’ Rights
· Unwed Issues
· Gay & Lesbian Family Issues
· Domestic Violence
· Father’s Rights
· Visitation Issues
Employment Issues
Immigration Law 
Insurance Law
Landlord/Tenant Issues
· Mobile Home Park Issues
· Security Deposits
· Eviction
Medicaid/Medicare Related Issues
Mental Health Law
Military Law
Municipal Law
· Zoning
· Issues Involving Town Offices
Neighbor Law
Probate Law
· Estate Planning
· Advance Directives
· Guardianship of Incapacitated Adults
Real Estate Law
· Foreclosures
· Condominium Law
· Mobile Homes & Park Issues
· Eminent Domain
Tax Law
· Individual/Family Tax Issues
· Estate Tax Issues
· Property Tax Issues

Generally, any case that may result in a monetary award is not eligible for Reduced-Fee.   Cases that involve suing individuals or organizations for monetary damages are not eligible.  However, the individual who is being sued may be eligible for a Reduced-Fee attorney.  Other types of cases that are not eligible also include criminal matters where the accused is eligible for a public defender or a court appointed attorney.
Financial Support for the Reduced-Fee
Program is provided by

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