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Ethics Opinions and Practical Ethics Articles: 2000 - Present
The NH Bar Association Ethics Committee

A Note About Ethics Materials from the NH Bar Association Ethics Committee: Care should be exercised in determining which version of a given Rule applies as of a given date, and the extent to which the interpretation of a given opinion or article will apply to such version.  Many interpretations of New Hampshire ethics law (including most of the opinions and practical ethics articles cited below) have been published under the prior version of the Rules of Professional Conduct or predecessor rules.  Continue reading.

Ethics Corner: A monthly series of brief articles in Bar News by the Ethics Committee looks at frequently asked questions on ethics. The series began in November 2011. Enter "Ethics Corner" in search box for latest topics or view all Ethics Corner articles.

• Read about how to obtain an answer from NHBA Ethics Committee
Rules of Professional Conduct. Effective Jan. 1, 2008, New Hampshire's Rules of Professional Conduct were comprehensively revised. The New Hampshire version of the Rules differs from the ABA Model Rules. Other states have adopted other variations. The New Hampshire Comments generally highlight differences between the current New Hampshire Rules and the ABA Model Rules.

Can't Find an NHBA Ethics Opinion on Point?
Informal guidance: New Hampshire lawyers may contact the Committee for confidential and informal guidance on their own prospective conduct or suggest topics for the Ethics Corner. Members are encouraged to ask the NHBA Ethics Committee questions pertaining to New Hampshire practice. Inquiries and requests for opinions should be directed to staff liaison to the Ethics Committee Robin E. Knippers, 603-715-3259.

Another option for seeking Ethical Opinions is ETHICSearch, a research service of the American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility (CPR).

• All of our Ethics Opinions are now posted on the NH Casemaker Web Library available through the For Members section. Practical Ethics articles are posted below, grouped by the date they were written.
2017-18 Ethics Opinions
#2017-18/1 Providing Legal Services in Exchange for a Client's Goods and Services
2016-17 Ethics Opinions
#2016-17/1 Law Firm Obligations in Sharing Fees and Ownership Control with Retired Lawyers
2015-16 Ethics Opinions
#2015-16/9 The Ethical Obligations of Stand-By Counsel
#2015-16/5 Client File Retention
2014-15 Ethics Opinions
#2014-15/10 Joint Representation of Clients in Estate Planning
#2014-15/5 The Lawyer's Authority to Disclose Confidential Client information to Protect a Client from Elder Abuse or Other Threats of Substantial Bodily Harm
2013-14 Ethics Opinions
#2013-14/8 Providing Discounted Legal Services Through "Group Coupon" or "Daily Deal" Services
2012-13 Ethics Opinions
#2012-13/5 Social Media Contact with Witnesses in the Course of Litigation
#2012-13/4 The Use of Cloud Computing in the Practice of Law
2011-12 Ethics Opinions
#2011-12/7 Limitations on Client Gifts to a Lawyer
#2011-12/5 Outsourcing Legal and Non-legal Support Services
#2011-12/4 Foregoing Professional Conduct Complaints
#2011-12/3 Limitations on "Million Dollar Advocate" and "Million Dollar Advocates Forum" Advertising
2010-11 Ethics Opinions
#2010-11/1 Collecting Attorney's Fees – Debt Forgiveness and Reporting to Regulating Agency
2009-10 Ethics Opinions
#2009-10/6 Settlement Agreements and Restrictions on the Right to Practice
#2009-10/2 Representing Clients Through Interpreters
#2009-10/1 Duties to Prospective Clients
2008-09 Ethics Opinions
#2008-9/4 Disclosure, Review and Use of Metadata in Electronic Materials
#2008-9/3 Remedial Measures Under Rule 3.3
#2008-9/1 Drafting Lawyer Acting as Fiduciary for Client
2007-08 Practical Ethics Articles
Jan, 2008 Practical Suggestions for Flat Fees or Minimum Fees in Criminal Cases
New ethics rules in effect on Jan. 1, 2008
Ethics Rules after 1/1/2008
2006-07 Ethics Opinions
#2006-07/2 Identification of Inactive Bar Membership Status
2006-07 Practical Ethics Article
May 2007 Closing a Solo Practice in New Hampshire
2005-06 Ethics Opinions 
#2005-06/6 Ethics Regarding Business Networking
#2005-06/4 Attorney Acting as Town Manager and Town Counsel
#2005-06/3 Obligation to Provide Electronic Material
2004-05 Ethics Opinion
#2004-05/1 Non-Recourse Lawsuit Financing
2000-01 Ethics Opinion
#2000-01/05 Release of Billing Statements to Third Party Auditors
2000-01 Practical Ethics Articles
April 2001 Conflict of Interest in Family Law Matters
July 2001 To Disclose or Not to Disclose: Disclosure of Billing Statements to Non-Clients
Nov. 2000 Taking Stock In Your Client As Legal Fees Or An Investment

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