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♦  Unbundling Legal Services: A Guide to Delivering Legal Services á la Carte
Book available for purchase through the ABA's online store. Use code PAB8ENHB at check-out to receive a 15% discount.
Online CLE
♦  Limited Scope Representation
2.0 Total NHMCLE Credits
Presented through our online partnership with the State Bar of Arizona, please watch this program if you are considering limited scope representation for clients who would otherwise go without counsel.

♦  The New Unbundling Rules (Limited Representation)
An online NHBA-CLE that will help you learn how to offer limited representation services efficiently and ethically. Please note: This self-study resource is not for NHMCLE credit.

Unbundled Legal Services

New Options for Representation --
Unbundling of legal services

What is the scoop on New Hampshire's limited scope (unbundled) legal services rules? They present a win-win situation for attorneys and the public alike by offering more options in the delivery of legal services. These court and professional conduct rules permit attorneys to handle part of a case, such as drafting a motion, reviewing an agreement or attending one specific hearing, rather than the entire matter. They give attorneys the opportunity to expand or focus a practice, attract new paying clients or assist Pro Bono or other lower-income clients with discrete tasks. For the public, the unbundled rules allow more consumer choice and offer more affordable options for legal services.

For opportunities to provide limited scope services, consider signing up with the Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service by contacting Sheila Vermacy at 603-224-6942. For Pro Bono participation opportunities, contact Ginny Martin at 603-224-6942.

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Practical Ethics Article - May 12, 1999
By the NHBA Ethics Committee

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Selecting, Hiring and Working With a Lawyer
What if I Can't Afford a Lawyer?
Unbundled Legal Services - One way to reduce costs is to consider hiring a lawyer to handle part of a case (known as “unbundling of legal services.”) Recently approved court rules permit attorneys to provide limited legal services, if they choose and believe appropriate in your situation. Such services may include drafting a motion, reviewing an agreement or attending one specific hearing, rather than directly handling your entire matter. It is strongly advisable that you sign a client consent form for the use of unbundled services in litigation.

Chapter 4: Diversifying Opportunities for Attorney Participation and Client Services
Bar News - December 19, 2008
Unbundled Rules--Taking a leadership role, Pro Bono Board Chair John Norton, Pro Bono Director Ginny Martin and others developed proposed unbundled or limited scope rules as a way of expanding access opportunities for lower-income litigants and service/representation opportunities for attorneys. Pro Bono focused its efforts on changes to court rules to allow limited appearances in litigated matters. Advocating before the Court Rules Committee, Norton and Martin stressed the need to overcome the barrier to Pro Bono participation of "once you are in, you can’t get out," which gives volunteers pause in accepting cases on an open-ended basis.

Once the rules were adopted, Norton and Martin worked with the courts to develop a simple one-page limited appearance form that is being used today. Ghost-writing was the other major focus of Pro Bono’s advocacy and Norton offered the Court several alternatives to address "behind-the-scene" drafting of pleadings and other court documents by attorneys. For these efforts, the NH Bar Association received the ABA’s prestigious Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access in 2007.

A Rush to Mediation? Family Attorneys Voice Concerns
Bar News - October 5, 2007
A list of Merrimack County attorneys offering unbundled legal services as of Sept. 15, 2007 is also provided to parties, along with various forms needed by the litigants. 

Bar News - May 18, 2007
By Suzanne Morand, NHBA Insurance Agency

Unbundled Services: Good for Attorneys, Clients
Bar News - May 4, 2007
Bar News - April 6, 2007
By Richard B. McNamara
Bar News - March 23, 2007
Bar News - August 11, 2006

NH Bar Receives National Legal Access Award
Bar News - February 23, 2007
The Bar Association is now in the process of developing a series of Web pages to explain and promote awareness of the concept of limited (also known as “unbundled”) legal services in New Hampshire to attorneys and clients.
Bar News - April 21, 2006
Bar News - April 7, 2006
Bar News - March 3, 2006
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Bar News - June 17, 2005

Bar News - April 8, 2005
Bar News - April 8, 2005
Bar News - February 6, 2004

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