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TechConnect Launches

Six weeks after the New Hampshire Bar Association launched the TechConnect consulting program, more than 400 attorneys have visited the program website and a number of members have taken advantage of the free member benefit to receive advice on password protection, cloud computing, and much more.

The new service offers NH Bar members the opportunity to consult with a representative of the Affinity Consulting Group, nationally known for their legal technology expertise.

And, members who have booked the 30-minute phone consultations or submitted inquiries through the email hotline have already reported finding the service helpful to their practices.

New Hampshire Legal Assistance Executive Director Sarah Mattson Dustin, one of the first members to test out the service, described the process as “very smooth.”

She said she was happy that her consultant, Jeff, avoided “overly technical jargon” in explaining options, and following the appointment, he provided useful materials to review and an offer to answer follow-up questions as well.

“I am definitely ahead of where I was before having the call with Jeff, which is really the best sign of success!” Mattson Dustin later reported.

The Bar Association’s TechConnect program also includes valuable law practice management tips and tools that can be accessed online at, including checklists and white papers to assist member attorneys in creating thriving law firms and practices.

“We’re excited to provide this firs tof-its-kind benefit to our Bar members and pleased with the level of service that Affinity Consulting has offered so far,” said New Hampshire Bar Association Executive Director George Moore in a statement. “We encourage members to find out more about what TechConnect can do for you, from guidance on law practice management tools to data backup options.”

The service is also easy to access — after signing into the NHBar Portal at, members can click into “TechConnect” and (see right) choose between emailing an expert to receive a response within two business days or scheduling a 30-minute consultation with one of Affinity’s consultants.

“I found the TechConnect process very smooth. It was quick and
intuitive to book an appointment. The consultant, Jeff, called
right on time. He was very clearly prepared for the conversation
and walked me through several recommendations. …
I was entirely impressed with this service and thought it was
remarkable to get this level of responsiveness for free. I think
it will be a great service to the Bar membership.”
— Sarah Mattson Dustin