Active, qualified members may submit a petition for one of the following NHBA Board of Governors positions for which nominations are open.

Positions with an asterisk (*) indicate an incumbent governor who is eligible to seek another term.

  • Vice President (1-year term, and a 4-year commitment to board leadership track – President-Elect, President and Immediate Past President in subsequent years)
  • Treasurer (3-year term)
  • Secretary (3-year term)
  • Governor at Large  * (two vacancies, three-year term)
  • Public Sector Governor  * (3-year term)  – Must currently be employed in a qualifying position –  in government service, military service, law enforcement, public interest law services (including prosecution, public defense, legal advocacy in low-income communities or for individuals with disabilities at a nonprofit organization), or at an organization that is described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of such Code, or at an organization recognized by the IRS as tax exempt under section 115.
  • Out-of-State Governor * (3-year term)  – must currently have their primary office located in a state outside of New Hampshire
  • County Governors (2-year term) representing:
    • Cheshire *
    • Coos *
    • Grafton
    • Merrimack *
    • Rockingham
  • Association Young Lawyer Delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates (two-year term) must meet these requirements: “such delegate was admitted to his or her first bar within the past five years or is less than 36 years old at the beginning of his or her term.”
  • Association Delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates (the remaining year of a two-year term)

Submitting a Petition

No fewer than 10 active member signatures are required for a nomination petition for a governor representing a county; no fewer than 25 active member signatures are required for vice president, secretary and treasurer, governor at large, public sector, out-of-state governor and Association ABA Delegate. Bar members may sign only one petition for a county position on the Board representing the county where the signer’s principal office is located.  Blank petitions can be obtained here, or by contacting Debbie Hawkins (, 715-3269)

Petition Deadline – Petitions for nominations to the NHBA Board of Governors will be accepted no later than March 1, 2021.

Election Information – Online ballots will be accepted from April 1 to until April 15, 2021.  Paper ballots can be mailed to eligible Bar members without an email address, or to those requesting one. Those eligible to vote are active-status members (dues fully paid).