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Teacher Agreement

Cohort 1, Academic Year 2020-2021

By participating in the Project Citizen Research Program, I agree to the following:

  • Attend all scheduled professional development sessions (48 hours in the summer 2020 and the ensuing academic year)
  • Conduct a minimum of 20 hours of Project Citizen instruction during the school year
  • Involve students in the mandated culminating hearing and submit a class portfolio to the regional Project Citizen Research Program showcase
  • Invite the site coordinator(s) and mentor teachers to observe Project Citizen classroom instruction and the students’ hearing
  • Participate in the program research by:
  1. Taking a pre- and post-test as the instructor
  2. Administering pre- and post-tests to classes involved in the program
  • Provide anecdotal data from my classes or students or other information sought by the Georgetown University research team
  • Participate in an online professional learning community for my region
  • In return, my school will receive a free set of textbooks TE resources and teacher professional development. I will be paid a stipend for participating in and completing the Project Citizen Research Program.

    Signed ___________________________________________ Date _________________

Please fill-out, print, sign and return to:
Michael Trofi, Site Coordinator

John F. Deering Middle School

2 Webster Knight Drive

West Warwick RI 02893

(o) 401.823.1680 (f) 401.822-8474