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Bar Journal - December 1, 2002

Participation in Sections Helps Bar Members Keep Up to Date!

Membership in one or more of the New Hampshire Bar Association's sections provides an opportunity for improving knowledge and skills in a particular practice area. Most in-state active Bar members belong to one or more of the Bar's 20 active sections, which cover a wide array of practice areas, from family law to technology.

Listed below are brief descriptions of all of the NHBA sections. For information regarding section membership, please contact the Executive Department at 224-6942 ext. 258 or visit under For Members to obtain a form to join a section online.

An added benefit of membership is the ability to subscribe to an email "listserve" which provides members with instant access to other section members who subscribe for questions, contacts and other section matters.

Peter Y. Wolfe, Chair and Melinda S. Gehris, Vice Chair

This section, formed in February 2001, has more than 65 members. The section provides a forum for discussing alternative dispute resolution in New Hampshire, including training for mediator/arbitrators, ethical rule issues, mediation rules such as the adoption of the Uniform Mediation Act, rules for the Rule 170 mediators, and mediation rules for probate courts and marital courts. This section also informs the Bar about alternative dispute resolution procedures, rules, and precedents nationally and internationally.

Garry R. Lane, Chair and Stephanie A. Bray, Vice Chair

Formed in July 1989, this Section has more than 150 members. The Section sponsors two-three lunch or breakfast meetings annually, allowing members to informally discuss topics and procedures relative to the litigation of business related matters.

Frank B. Mesmer, Chair

With over 270 members, this Section meets periodically to discuss issues of mutual interest. The Section also advises members of regional CLE programs in specialized areas of business law, monitors pending legislation affecting this practice area, and contributes articles to Bar News and Bar Journal regarding related issues.


This section has been inactive as prosecutors and defense attorneys have formed individual organizations. The ability of the section to serve the mutual interests of both groups is being examined.

Edward H. Adamsky, Chair, and Ann Butenhof, Vice Chair

Dealing with issues relating to estate planning, medicaid and other government benefits, and other issues of specific concern to attorneys with a large number of elderly clients, this Section has over 140 members. The Section meets monthly to discuss issues of mutual concern, and periodically co-sponsors an Elder Law CLE seminar to give updates on the law and legal issues in this area.

Michael Quinn, Chair and Jeffrey Meyers, Vice Chair

Established in 1988, this Section has more than 100 members. Meeting monthly, the Section focuses on discussing the effects of N.H. environmental laws; developing CLE programs to assist lawyers in understanding and applying state and federal natural resource statutes and related administrative rules; developing a public education program to instruct interested non-lawyers in their rights and obligations in this area of the law; and meeting with natural science professionals to assure that state environmental laws conform as nearly as possible to scientific principles.

John D. Cameron, Chair and Catherine E. Shanelaris, Vice Chair

This Section, with over 370 members, provides a variety of opportunities for members to improve their professional knowledge. The Section meets six times per year to discuss issues of concern; provides input to the courts on such matters as proposed rules changes; and acts as a channel of communications between the judiciary, legislature, state agencies, and the Bar, on matters of common concern.

Randall F. Cooper, Chair, Heather Burns, Vice Chair

This Section was formed to help improve the professional knowledge and skills of its members in relation to practice before the federal courts in New Hampshire and the First Circuit. In addition the Section hopes to provide a forum for discussion between bar and bench members and help develop a dialog to improve that relationship.

John A. Malmberg, Chair and Andrew B. Eills, Vice Chair

This Section, established in 1996, plans to meet regularly throughout the year and provide members with opportunities to improve their professional knowledge and skills in the practice of health law.

Philip Decker, Chair, and Glen M. Secor, Vice Chair

Formed in 1996 this Section is looking to create, through regular meetings, a dialogue among academics, in-house counsel, and members of large and small firms in the practice areas of patent, trademark, copyright, licensing, trade secrets and other technology related law.

Parker Denaco, Chair

Coordinates several substantive programs each year regarding current labor topics. With approximately 130 members, the Section provides a means for sharing information among those who work as representatives for management, workers, and as neutrals. The section has produced a member reference book.

Arthur G. Greene, Chair

This section comprised of approximately 40 members meets regularly to study the economic conditions of lawyers in New Hampshire. This section is committed to the development of a variety of law office economics-related programs or information services to assist in the efficient, effective and professional management of law firms. In 2001, this Section created the "Client Relations: Forms, Letters and Useful Information" book which is available to all members of the New Hampshire Bar Association.

M. Elaine Beauchesne, Chair

This Section generally meets quarterly. The meetings provide a forum for members to discuss topics of interest, and exchange information pertaining to new developments in providing representation to individuals with disabilities.

Benjamin D. Frost, Chair

This Section meets ten times per year to discuss topics of mutual interest. These include an annual legislative update; discussion of town meeting issues; and municipal utilities, among others. There are approximately 175 members of this Section.

Presently without a Chair

This Section, established in 1996, plans to meet regularly throughout the year for discussions and to conduct education sessions on issues common to public sector attorneys. The section also plans to work with Franklin Pierce Law Center to promote public practice as a career opportunity.

James Morris, Chair

In existence for more that twenty years, this Section has almost 130 members. Monthly meetings focus on improving the professional knowledge and skill of members in relation to these areas of the law. The Section also updates, periodically, the Title Examination Standards, originally produced by section members in 1980 and revised in 1996.

Deborah M. Bailin, Chair; Douglas Chamberlain, Vice Chair

This Section, with approximately 70 members, meets quarterly. The Section co-sponsors an annual "Tax Forum" with the N.H. C.P.A. Society. Members also serve as resources to Bar members on tax-related questions, contribute articles to the Bar Journal and participate in state and regional meetings between practitioners and the IRS and state tax authorities.

Peter C. Scott, Chair

Formed in 1992, this Section has approximately 70 members. Monthly, except during the summer, the Section has informative meetings on the current use of both hardware and software in the law office. The Section has also formed Resource Groups to share information on specific, widely used, software applications.

Robert A. Bersak, Chair

This Section was formed to bring together attorneys and other professionals who work regularly in the various areas of utility law. Monthly meetings allow members to share information regarding current developments in utility regulation, including new legislation and activities of the public Utilities Commission.

Paul R. Kfoury, Jr. and Michael Feniger, Co-chairs

This Section, with approximately 130 members, meets quarterly to update members on changes and recent developments in this area of the law. Plans are under way to publish a booklet containing information on Section members as a resource for those looking for contacts in this field.

Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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