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Bar News - June 23, 2006

Sections Elect New Officers for 2006-2007

Elections recently were completed by nearly all of the Bar’s substantive law sections. The following is a list of officers and the number of members in each section. The Environmental & Natural Resources, Intellectual Property, and the Public Sector Law sections will be holding elections soon. Results will be posted in the Bar News.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Section – 147 members

Melinda S. Gehris          Co-Chair

Ora Schwartzberg          Co-Chair

Lee M. Holland              Clerk


Business Litigation Section – 157 members

Wilbur A. Glahn             Chair

Jeanne P. Herrick          Vice Chair


Children’s Law – 67 members

Michael K. Skibbie         Co-Chair

Cheryl S. Driscoll           Co-Chair

Katherine B. Sterns        Co-Clerk

Raymond Foss              Co-Clerk


Corporation, Banking & Business Law Section245 members

Matthew H. Benson        Co-Chair

Christopher M. Dube      Co-Chair

Angela B. Martin            Clerk


Criminal Justice – 112 members

Richard C. Guerriero       Co-Chair

Simon R. Brown Co-Chair


Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate Section – 236 members

Nelson A. Raust            Chair

W. Michael Todd            Vice Chair

John E. Laboe               Clerk


Family Law Section – 360 members

Thomas G. Cooper         Chair

Graham P. Chynoweth   Vice Chair

Margaret R. Kerouac      Co-Clerk


Federal Practice Section – 151 members

Debra W. Ford               Chair

John E. Friberg, Jr.         Vice Chair

Kenneth J. Barnes         Clerk


Health Law Section – 69 members

Andrew B. Eills              Co-Chair

Robin J. Fisk                 Co-Chair

Monica A. Ciolfi             Clerk


International Law Section – 58 members

George C. Bruno            Chair

Susan T. Goff                Vice Chair

William A. D’Alessandro Clerk


Labor & Employment Law Section - 172 members

Lauren Irwin                   Chair

Cameron G. Shilling       Vice Chair

Donald E. Mitchell          Clerk


Mental & Physical Disabilities Law Section – 36 members

Carol M. Stamatakis      Chair

Raymond A. Foss          Vice Chair

I. Kristine Bergstrom      Clerk


Military Law Section - 11 members

Colonel Peter J. Duffy     Chair

Kermit J. Zerr                 Vice Chair

H. Boone Porter, III1       Clerk


Municipal & Governmental Law Section –178 members

Sharon Cuddy Somers   Chair

Steven A. Clark              Vice Chair


Real Property Law Section – 528 members

Charles Glover               Chair

Julia Schappals             Vice Chair

Lisa A. Mindlin               Clerk


Taxation Law Section – 114 members

Sari Ann Strasburg         Chair

John J. Washburn          Vice Chair

Newton Kershaw            Clerk


Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities Law Section – 55 members

Sarah B. Knowlton         Chair

Meredith Hatfield            Co-Vice Chair

F. Anne Ross                Co-Vice Chair


Workers Compensation Law Section – 112 members

James O’Sullivan           Chair

Paul Kfoury                   Vice Chair

Erin Alarcon                  Secretary



How to Join a Section          

Sections are an increasingly active and valuable means of participating in the organized bar, providing opportunities to exchange information and enhance collegiality within specific areas of practice.


Whether you’re a newer attorney, experienced practitioner, in private practice or the public sector, join your practice area section now and enjoy networking with fellow attorneys via meetings, listservs, and educational programs. To join a section, contact Patricia Frechette at or call 603-224-6942.


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