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Bar News - June 23, 2006

NHMCLE News: NHMCLE Responding to Inquiries About Online Reporting System



Whenever a new program, such as the online CLE record system, is launched there will be some discrepancies in the transfer of information. The NHMCLE Office is working to correct them and asks members who have not already contacted the office to identify issues with their reports in an e-mail to Lee Jones, If you left a message and have not yet received a response, there is no need to call or e-mail again. We are working through a list and will get back to you. We apologize for the lag in the response time. Your patience is appreciated.


Interim CLE Report

Many members have responded to the May 10, 2006 mailing of the Interim CLE Report requesting clarification of the courses completed through March 31, 2006. All questions and issues will be addressed as soon as possible now that we have relocated to 2 Pillsbury Street, Suite 300, Concord.


If you are a lawyer in active membership status with the NHBA before May 2006 and did not receive an Interim CLE report, please send Lee Jones an e-mail requesting a copy. The attachments included in the May 10 mailing are available in the NHMCLE SC Rule 53 section of That section is open for review without a password.


Utilizing the Online System

The new online system is designed to make annual compliance with SC Rule 53 easier by giving lawyers access to their credit status at any point during the year and providing a clear path and timetable for program accreditation.


Credits for approved CLE programs will appear in a lawyer’s record and can be edited by the lawyer to reflect any teaching time and actual participation time, if that is different from the full program credit. There are instructions on the back of the May 10 report to make corrections to listed courses. Currently, members cannot add courses directly to their records that do not appear on the report. Please either contact the Annual Sponsor to request that they report your attendance or submit an Attorney Credit Application Form for the courses presented by non-Annual Sponsors. The form can be downloaded from the NHMCLE section of or photocopied from the May 10 mailing.


Carry Forward vs. Carry Back Credits

The NHMCLE compliance year ends June 30. Credits in excess of the requirement completed by June 30 become carry forward credit for the next compliance year, up to a maximum of two ethics and 10 general credits. The credits from courses completed or reported to NHMCLE after June 30 are attributed to the next compliance year, unless all or some of the credits are needed to complete the previous year’s requirements.


If your report shows a negative carry back figure with a date of July, 1, 2005, that figure reflects the credits that were needed to meet the requirement for 2005. The system automatically subtracts those credits from the next course, and any remaining credits are applied to this year’s requirement.


If you are in doubt about the status of any meeting, please call the Bar Center at 603-224-6942 before you head out.

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