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Bar News - August 11, 2006

Forty Members Admitted to New Hampshire Bar

The NH Supreme Court admitted 40 new members to the New Hampshire Bar
 at a special session on July 19.


Most of the newly admitted members were admitted by motion and are experienced lawyers from other jurisdictions (see overview below).


Chief Justice John T. Broderick recognized Deborah Bills, Supreme Court confidential clerk for her contribution to the Bar admissions process. He also acknowledged the role of families and friends in supporting the attorneys along the way to Bar entry by leading a round of applause.


Broderick advised the group of attorneys in the court that “the practice of law in New Hampshire is civilized, competent and not overly aggressive.” He added that “short cuts and short tempers add no value to you [as an attorney] here; it is a small place.” He also emphasized that the state’s legal community has the obligation to ensure that low-income citizens are adequately represented in the court. “Representation of the poor is important. Twenty percent of the civil needs of the poor are met in this state; that means that 80 percent are unmet.” He encouraged each of the lawyers being admitted to take at least one pro bono case per year.


Admitted to the New Hampshire Bar Association – July 19, 2006



Sabrina C. Beavens

Norman R. Belanger

Robert T. Bloomenthal

John D. Bruce

Melinda J. Caterine

Paul F. Cavanaugh

Russell S. Channen

Joseph C. Clermont

Randy J. Creswell

Michael P. Donnelly

Andrea L. Fravert

John J. Giampa

Jean B. Giddings

Randy S. Gordon


Robert D. Harb

J. Marlin Hawthorne

Christopher A.D. Hunt

Peter A. Lagorio

James F. Lamond

Bryan S. MacCormack

Katrine B. MacGregor

Matthew D. Manahan

Jacob A. Manheimer

Charles R. Mannix, Jr.

Richard P. McClure

Michael T. McInerny

Kevin M. Meagher

Susan L. Moran


Richard W. Mulhern

Annmarie Roark

Daniel J. Rose

Michael P. Ruane

Noel M. Spear

Lynda M. Talkington

Carmine D. Tomas

Steven M. Vaillancourt

Thomas G. Van Houten

Raymond T. Weicker

Deborah B. Weissbard

Heidi R. Wolmuth

John M. Zaremba

Overview of the 40 New Members:


2   were admitted by exam

38 were admitted by motionM

10  are women

30  are men


30  are employed by law firms (5 instate and 25 out-of-state)

7    are solo practitioners (1 instate and 6 out-of-state)

2  are corporate counsel

are government attorneys

0   are non-profit lawyers

1   is an educator



9    work in New Hampshire

15  work in Massachusetts

6     work in Maine



Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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