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Bar News - February 9, 2007

NH Bar Members in the Military


The following are New Hampshire Bar Members who serve, or have recently retired from serving, in the U.S. armed forces. Reservists currently deployed on active duty are shown in the chart below with a double asterisk (**).


Rank­   Name­   Service­

Capt.­    Justin Adams­    US Air Force­

Lt. Col.­  Timothy Bailey­   US Marine Corps Reserve­

Cdr.­      Steven Barney­   US Navy­

Maj.­      Kerry Barnsley**­            US Marine Corps Reserve­

Maj.­      Gregory Billings­ US Air Force Reserve­

Cdr.­      Linda Young Bunn­          US Navy­

Lt.­        Joseph Carilli­     US Navy­

Maj.­      John Coughlin**­ NH Army National Guard­

Capt.­    Jeremy Davis­     US Air Force­

Capt.­    Michael Donahue­           US Navy Reserve­

Sgt. 1st Class­   Carl Fletcher­      VT Army National Guard­

Col.­      Reginald Ghiden­            US Marine Corps Reserve­

Lt. Cdr.­ Sean Gill­           US Navy­

Capt.­    Tiffany A. Gillis**­            US Army Reserve­

Capt.­    Christopher G. Graveline­ US Army (Inactive Ready Reserve)­

Maj.­      Thomas J. Greco­           US Army Reserve­

Capt.­    Patrick Healy­     US Army­

Staff Sgt.­           Douglas Hendrick­           ME Army National Guard­

Cdr.­      Brad Holt**­        US Navy Reserve­

Capt.­    Lucy H. Jankowski­         US Air Force Reserve­

Maj.­      Richard Jaques­  US Marine Corps­

Capt.­    Robert Kasper, Jr.­          US Navy Reserve­

1st Lt.­   Nolan T. Koon­    MA Army National Guard­

Col.­      Gary Lambert­    US Marine Corps Reserve­

Lt. Cdr.­ Paul LeBlanc­     US Navy­

Capt.­    Larry McCullough­           US Navy­

Maj.­      Joseph Moran­    US Army Reserve­

Lt. Col.­  Dennis O’Connell­           US Air Force (Ret.)­

1st Lt.­   Anthony M. Osborne ­     US Army­

Col.­      Ward Scott­        US Marine Corps Reserve­

Brig. Gen.­      Calvin L. Scovel­     US Marine Corps (Ret.)­

Lt. Cdr.­ James Seeman­  US Coast Guard­

Maj.­      Peter Sennett**­  US Marine Corps Reserve­

Lt. Col.­  Jonathan B. Sistare**­     US Army Reserve­

Capt.­    Ande A. Smith**­            US Navy Reserve­

Capt.­    Shane Stewart­   NH Army National Guard­

1st Lt.­   Robert D. Stuart­ US Air Force Reserve­

Lt. Col.­  Francine Swan­   NH Army National Guard­

Lt. Cdr.­ Scott Thow­        US Navy­

1st Lt.­   William D. Toronto­         US Air Force­

Col.­      Thomas S.M. Tudor­        US Air Force (Ret.)­

Capt.­    Rebecca Vernon­            US Air Force­

Staff Sgt.­           William Whitten­ NH Army National Guard­

CWO2­  Brain Woodworth­           US Army Reserve­


Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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