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Bar News - May 18, 2007

Superior Court Justices’ Assignments: June - August 2007


COURT                          JUNE (4)                            JULY (2)                     AUGUST(6)


HILLSBOROUGH         +Barry                                 +Barry                         +Barry

NORTH  O’Neill            O’Neill                                O’Neill

                                        McGuire                              McGuire                      McGuire

                                        Abramson                           Abramson                   Abramson


HILLSBOROUGH         +Groff                                 +Groff                         +Groff

SOUTH                          Hampsey                              Hampsey                      Hampsey

                                        Sullivan                               Sullivan                       Sullivan



ROCKINGHAM            +Coffey                               +Coffey                       +Coffey

                                        McHugh                              Smukler                       McHugh

                                        Nadeau                                Nadeau                        Nadeau

                                        Lewis                                   Lewis                           Lewis


MERRIMACK               +Conboy                             +Conboy                     +Conboy

                                        (New Judge)                        Burling                        (New Judge)

                                        Lynn (Mon,                        (New Judge)                Lynn (Mon,

                                        Tues, Weds)                                                            Tues, Weds)


STRAFFORD                 +Fauver                               Fitzgerald                     +Fauver

                                        Houran                                Houran                        Houran


CHESHIRE                    +Arnold                              Mangones                   +Arnold

                                        (except 6/15)                      Mangones                   (except 8/17)



BELKNAP                      +Smukler                            McHugh                      +Smukler

                                        Mohl (wk of 6/11)              Mohl (wk of 7/2)        Mohl (wk of 8/6)


GRAFTON                     +Burling                              Vaughan                     +Burling

                                                                                    (except 7/20)


SULLIVAN                    +Arnold (6/15 only)           +Arnold                      +Arnold (8/17 only)


CARROLL                     +Fitzgerald                           Fauver                         +Fitzgerald


COOS                             +Vaughan                           +Vaughan                   +Vaughan

                                                                                    (7/20 only)



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