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Bar News - June 8, 2007

Important Information in Annual Membership Mailing

Membership Dues Deadline July 2

The annual membership dues mailing for 2007-08 was scheduled to be mailed the week of June 4, with a payment due date of July 2. For a member in practice for over five years dues are $270. Members with up to five years in practice continue to receive a $50 discount, making their 2007-08 dues $220. According to the latest survey conducted by the American Bar Association (ABA), New Hampshire’s Association dues, as differentiated from other mandatory court fees (see below), remain below average for unified state bars.


Also included in your annual mailing is a separate invoice for the mandatory court fees established by the NH Supreme Court. The Bar Association collects the court fees for the court, and distributes the funds collected to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC), the Public Protection Fund (PPF) and the NH Minimum Continuing Legal Education Program (NHMCLE). PCC fees remain at $195 for 2007-08. Due in part to a proposal made by Bar leadership, the Court has decided to reduce the PPF fee this year, because the fund has achieved the original $2 million goal. A portion of this year’s PPF fee has been designated to fund a Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP), created by the Court, with the expectation that this proactive measure will have a positive effect on potential future claims against the fund.


As stated in previous announcements, the NHMCLE Program has made some significant changes this year, including updating its reporting system to ease the burden on attorneys subject to the ruling. Attorneys whose CLE attendance (as reported by the June 30, 2007 deadline) satisfies the annual requirement will receive a report and be asked to verify the accuracy of their course record. They will NOT be required to return the report, unless changes are necessary or credits are incomplete. (The NHBA-CLE program is one of the CLE providers that reports attendance information to NHMCLE on behalf of attorneys who attend Association courses.) In order to fund the added cost of instituting this new reporting system, the Court has assessed a new $10 NHMCLE fee on all attorneys subject to the rule. The savings in lawyers’ administrative time to prepare a report, for those in compliance, should outweigh the fee.


For member convenience, both invoices may be paid with one check made payable to the New Hampshire Bar Association.


Have Questions? Key Bar Center Contacts

Call the direct NHBA member line at 603 715-EASY (3279).

Dues amounts, payment – Accounting supervisor Laura Stirling at or Dawn Trask at

Member records, status questions, address or contact info changes – Anna O’Neill at

IOLTA – Mary White, NH Bar Foundation at

NHMCLE Certificate of Compliance – Lee Jones at

Register for NHBA CLE? – Cheryl Moore at

 Trust account compliance – Craig Calaman, Attorney Discipline Office at 603-224-5828.



NHBA Dues Breakdown of Fees


CATEGORY                                          DUES            PCC         PPF            MCLE        

 Active Members (over 5 years)                        $ 270                 $ 195          $ 35                $ 10                 

Full-time Judicial Members                               $ 245                 $ -                $ 30                $ -    

Active Members (thru 5th year)                        $ 220                 $ 195          $ 30                $ 10                 

Inactive Members                                                $ 140                 $ 10            $ 20                $ -    

Inactive Retired Members                                  $ 25                    $ -                $ 5                  $ -    

Pro Bono Active                                                  $ 25                    $ -                $ -                   $ -    

Military Active - no dues or fees                       $ -                       $ -                $ -                   $ -    

Military Inactive - no dues or fees                     $ -                       $ -                $ -                   $ -    

Honorary Active - no dues or fees                     $ -                       $ -                $ -                   $ -    

Honorary Inactive - no dues or fees                  $ -                       $ -                $ -                   $ -    





Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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