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Bar News - September 7, 2007

New Probate Court Procedures Announced


The Probate Court Procedures Committee, chaired by Probate Administrative Judge David King, recently completed a comprehensive review of all Probate Court Administrative Orders (AOs) and Procedure Bulletins (PBs).  As a result of this effort all 14 Administrative Orders and 27 Procedure Bulletins have been reissued, effective August 1, 2007.


All of the new/revised AOs and PBs have been posted on the Probate Court’s home page in the Judicial Branch website. 


Probate Court Procedure Bulletins are internal Probate Court documents designed to enhance procedural uniformity throughout the Probate Courts.  Bulletins do not replace statutes, Probate Court Rules, or Probate Court Administrative Orders and must be read in conjunction with these authorities.


In addition to certain substantive changes summarized in the table below, each of these documents bears a new appearance: 


  • All references to forms have been updated to reflect the new form numbering scheme to the greatest extent possible. 
  • Footers have been added to each page marking the title of document and the appropriate page number along with the total number of pages for that document. 
  • In addition, all references to various earlier issuance dates, revision dates and former document names and/or numbers has been moved to the end of each document in the form of a “History” section. 
  • Next to the Administrative Judge’s signature line, the date that each document was last reviewed is provided.  This date, compared to the most recent revision date, indicates the last date that the content of the document was considered.  If the “last reviewed” date is more recent than the most recent revision date, as of the “last reviewed” date, no revisions were considered necessary.
  • A new disclaimer has been added to all PBs.
  • AOs will no longer be issued on Probate Court Administrative Judge’s Office letterhead. 


A signed set of all AOs and PBs will be kept at the Administrative Judge’s Office.  All AOs and PBs will be placed on the Probate Court’s website in PDF format and will bear a notation in the signature line that the Probate Court Administrative Judge has signed the originals.


Please visit the Court’s Web site for full information on these changes.   If you have any questions regarding any of these documents, please do not hesitate to contact Probate Court Staff Attorney, Janelle Laylagian, at the Probate Court Administrative Judge’s Office, (603) 271-7525, extension 335.  




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