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Bar News - March 7, 2008

Casemaker Adds Resources

The Casemaker Web Library, the online legal library for NH Bar members is being bolstered by the addition of 3.5 million documents, most of them relating to federal caselaw.

Once the additions to the library are complete (expected by the end of March), Casemaker will include US Circuit Court opinions back to 1930 and all US District Court opinions dating back to 1950.

Early last month, Lawriter, the parent company of the Casemaker legal library consortium –consisting of state bar associations that have contracted to support the online legal library – was acquired by Collexis Holdings, Inc., a developer of search software. (Not related to LexisNexis.)

“This expansion will provide increased coverage of federal and state court cases. The addition of this impressive library to the current 7.5 million document library of Casemaker will make it one of the largest legal libraries in the small- to medium-size legal market segment,” said Steve Newsom, general manager of Lawriter.

Regarding the acquisition of Lawriter, Collexis officials have stated that the company intends to eventually offer greater search capabilities for the law library and access to its other major product, that provides a library of medical research information.

In January, Casemaker 2.0 was rolled out to NHBA members. It offered several streamlined features, the ability to search multiple libraries at one time, and 50-state caselaw coverage.


Casemaker 2.0 Highlights


Casemaker 2.0 has the same functionality of the original, with some enhanced features:


- Direct link to NH library. You will have immediate access to the New Hampshire library upon logging in. (See instructions below.) To reach the entire list of state and federal libraries, click on the Casemaker logo in the top left corner of the Casemaker library page.

- Save a step. Use the enter key on your keyboard to conduct a search. (Previously, users had to move the cursor to the search button to execute a search operation.)

- More search options. Search only one state library, or search all of the libraries by selecting “Nationwide Collections” Or pick and choose libraries, using the “Multi-State Searches” option.

- 50-state coverage! Caselaw is available for all 50 states; federal library has circuit caselaw back to at least 1950 in all circuits. Statutes for all 50 states is being added this year.

- More federal materials. Bankruptcy Reporter Advance Sheets and the Federal Supp. have been added.

- Browse mode for statutes, codes. Click on titles and the Browse feature will provide links to determine what portion of the law or statute to read. Users can use both browse and search modes to find what they are looking for.

- Casecheck. The casecheck feature allows users to instantly determine the treatment of the case in question by a later court. Click on casecheck link and a user is taken directly to the portion of the later decision where the selected case is cited. Casecheck is always visible on the right-hand side of the screen when viewing case law in Casemaker.

- SuperCODE. When accessing a statute or code that has been affected by legislation, a SuperCODE link, visible on the right side of the page, will appear that will direct the user to the revelant portion of the legislation.

Both SuperCODE and casecheck are enhancements to Casemaker added subsequent to the NHBA’s initial launch of Casemaker in Dec. 2002.

View an extensive user guide for Casemaker.


Log-in Instructions
For the uninitiated, the Casemaker New Hampshire Web Library is available exclusively in the For Members area of the NHBA Web site. Contact if you do not know your user name and password.  

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