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Bar News - April 18, 2008

Do You Need a Marketing Buddy?


If you’re like me, you tend to honor the commitments you make to other people more consistently than you honor the ones you make to yourself. Use this to your advantage to maintain marketing focus and momentum. If client matters and other responsibilities are always taking precedence on the "to-do" list, it may be time to find a "marketing buddy."

An ideal marketing buddy is someone who is as interested in keeping the momentum going with his/her marketing, too. Look for a person who needs to be held accountable, just as you do.

Your marketing buddy could be a lawyer in your own firm or in another firm—or even someone who is not a lawyer. You can choose a person who markets to clients similar to yours. In fact, working with someone who isn’t a lawyer can be especially helpful, since the perspective will be different—and the marketing savvy may be even greater.

You and your buddy should connect on a regular basis--either in person or on the phone or by e-mail. Schedule your meetings far enough apart so that you will have time to make progress, but frequently enough to keep you on track. Aim for a monthly meeting at the very least; every two weeks is even better.

To keep the momentum, you must treat your commitment to meet very seriously.

During your meetings, discuss what you have accomplished since you last met, celebrate your successes, consider the obstacles you have run into, brainstorm your next steps, and, most importantly, commit to what you will do before your next meeting.

This plan works. Many people who are too busy to work on their marketing every day will make a Herculean effort to create marketing time right before a meeting; they often engage in a whirlwind of marketing activity.

Accountability is the surest way of making action consistent, and nothing ensures results like consistency. That’s true even if that consistency only comes in twice-a-month flurries of activity.

If you can’t think of a suitable marketing buddy, you may want to consider hiring one to keep you on track, recommend smart strategies, and help you evaluate your progress. For some people, the financial investment serves to deepen their commitment (much like paying a personal trainer at the gym).

Regardless of who your marketing buddy is, knowing that someone will be asking about what you’ve accomplished will keep your motivation and momentum high.

Find a "marketing buddy" soon.

Sara Holtz is the founder of ClientFocus, a legal marketing services company. Holtz graduated from Harvard Law School and worked as an attorney for Nestle Beverage Company. Contact her at

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