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Bar News - April 18, 2008

NHMCLE News: Interim CLE Reports to Be Mailed in April—
Are ALL Your CLE Courses Listed Online?

Active members of the NHBA subject to SC Rule 53 will receive a copy of their Interim Report of CLE Credit at the end of April. This report is a snapshot of each lawyer’s online CLE record as of the report date, and no response is required. The NHMCLE office sends out this report as a reminder to lawyers that they may save themselves filing time and late fees if they complete their CLE credits by the end of the 2008 compliance year, June 30, 2008.

If courses taken more than 30 days previously are missing from the Interim CLE Report, lawyers should first go online to see if the course has posted since the report was printed. If the course is not online, lawyers have to determine whether the program was presented by an Annual Sponsor. These sponsors are listed on the website, Annual Sponsors are required to report attendance, but lawyers have to make the request, following each sponsor’s procedures.

Lawyers who have taken ABA courses that do not appear online are encouraged to contact Lee Jones in the NHMCLE office,

All NHMCLE information about the CLE requirement can be found on the above webpage, including how to find and request corrections to your online record. Lawyers and their assistants should bookmark this page for answers to future questions about filing.

Lawyers who take courses from non-Annual Sponsors have to submit an Attorney Credit Application Form within 30 days of the course completion. This form is on the NHMCLE webpage. If approved by the NHMCLE Board, the course will be added to the lawyer’s online record, and the lawyer will be notified of the decision.

The final Certificate of Compliance will be mailed at the end of August. Lawyers who have completed the minimum number of CLE credits by June 30, 2008 and whose credits appear in their online record within 30 days, have only to review their Certificate of Compliance for accuracy. These certificates, which will be printed on white paper, indicate that compliance has been met. Lawyers do not have to sign and return the certificate, but all entries are subject to audit. SC Rule 53 requires that lawyers keep course attendance records for two years following compliance.

Any lawyer whose required credits do not appear on his/her certificate will receive a pink form, and has until October 1, 2008 to complete the credits and verify that the requirement has been met. To do this, sign your certificate, attach copies of your course attendance records to show your compliance and mail it to NHMCLE with a postmark no later than October 1, 2008. Beginning October 2, 2008 late filing fees are assessed to lawyers who have not filed.

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