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Bar News - July 4, 2008

NHMCLE Compliance for 2008

Lawyers who completed their required CLE credits by June 30 have the month of July to make sure that those courses appear in their online CLE records before Certificates of Compliance are printed and mailed at the end of August. Lawyers who did not complete their credits by June 30 should read on.…

All courses completed from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008 have to appear in lawyers’ online records. What procedures must be followed for this to occur?

Lawyers who share with their assistants all the information the NHMCLE office provides will find their CLE compliance an easier task. Also--if lawyers share their user names and passwords with their assistants, the assistants may then check lawyers’ records during the 30 days following course completion. All sponsors have 30 days to report CLE attendance.

Whenever lawyers take a CLE program, they (or their assistants) have to determine whether the sponsor is included on the NHMCLE Annual Sponsor List. This list is on the website, and may be reviewed at any time without a password. If the sponsor’s name is there, all a lawyer has to do is request that his/her attendance be reported and then check the online records 30 days following to be sure the course and credits have posted correctly. The NHBA and NH Association for Justice automatically report CLE attendance to NHMCLE.

If the course still does not appear, a lawyer must contact the sponsor, not the NHMCLE Office. (For missing ABA programs, please e-mail a copy of your Uniform Certificate of Attendance provided by the ABA to NHMCLE with sessions attended clearly marked.) Program attendance records are for the lawyers’ files to verify attendance in the event of audit and have to be kept for two years following compliance.

If lawyers take courses from sponsors that do not appear on the Annual Sponsor List, they have to submit these courses individually for review by the NHMCLE Board using the Attorney Credit Application Form within 30 days of the program. Sometimes these sponsors do apply for credit in NH, so it is best to check with them before the program. The form is also available at the web address above, or lawyers may request the form by calling the NHMCLE Office at 603-715-3222.

At the end of August, lawyers will receive their Certificates of Compliance showing all the courses and credits reported for them during the 2008 compliance period. Lawyers who did not complete their CLE credits by June 30 will receive pink certificates and will have to complete additional paperwork to prove their compliance. They have until Oct 1 to finish their credits and submit non-Annual Sponsor courses for approval, without penalty.

They must make copies of these new course attendance records, include them with their signed Certificate of Compliance and mail all to the NHMCLE Office. They must follow the same procedures for course reporting and approval as outlined above. If they miss the October 1 deadline, a late filing fee of $50 is assessed and must be paid before they will be in compliance. Failure to comply with SC Rule 53 will result in the Court’s NHMCLE Board making a request to the Supreme Court for that lawyer’s suspension from practice.

The 2009 compliance period has begun. Do you know where you’ll get your 12 credits this year?

If you are in doubt about the status of any meeting, please call the Bar Center at 603-224-6942 before you head out.

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