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Bar News - March 19, 2010

NH Bar Association Membership Status Changes

Presented to the Board of Governors
January 21, 2010
Paid Inactive to ACTIVE
Chellman, Carol A., Portsmouth, NH
       (effective December 21, 2009)
Felici-Gallant, Lynn M., Raymond, NH 
       (effective December 31, 2009)
Giovanis, George A., Portsmouth, NH 
       (effective January 5, 2010)
Hipple, Seth J., Concord, NH 
       (effective December 22, 2009)
Keyes, Shannon M., Portsmouth, NH 
       (effective December 15, 2009)
Levesque, Deborah A., Dover, NH 
       (effective December 25, 2009)
Robinson, Paul H., Durham, NH 
       (effective December 28, 2009)
Simensen, Eric J., Holderness, NH 
       (effective January 4, 2010)
VanDerwalker, Elizabeth A., Nashua, NH
       (effective December 14, 2009)

Resigned to ACTIVE

Rindler, Alan B., Boston, MA 
       (effective January 13, 2010)

Active to INACTIVE
Brown, Andrew G., Eagle River, AK 
       (effective June 1, 2009)
Sattely, Joshua B., Rosindale, MA 
       (effective December 3, 2009)

Military Active to INACTIVE
Huard, Robert F., Washington, DC
(effective January 14, 2010)

Paid Active to INACTIVE
Healy, Patrick D., Arlington, VA 
       (effective November 30, 2009)
Hengen, Steven E., Concord, NH 
       (effective January 1, 2010)
Johnston, Richard F., Manchester, NH 
       (December 23, 2009)
Negowetti, Nicole E., Concord, NH
       (effective January 11, 2010)
Notargiacomo, Moira A., Gaithersburg, MD
       (effective December 15, 2009)

Inactive to RESIGNED
Adams, Justin F., Universal City, TX 
       (effective June 1, 2009)
Stern, Catherine C., Hartland, VT 
       (effective June 1, 2009)

Paid Inactive to RESIGNED
Steeves, Robert J. Jr., Darien, CT 
       (effective December 23, 2009)

Suspended for non-payment of 08-09 dues to INACTIVE
       (effective December 1, 2009)
Bone, Polly Jane, San Antonio, TX

New Admittees selecting INACTIVE status
       (effective November 3, 2009)
Azoory-Keller, Lisa, Chicago, IL
Babine, Jessica S., Cambridge, MA
Caynon, Talesha L., Nashua, NH
Chase, Rachel S., Merrimack, NH
Cusack, Kelly M., Hyannis, MA
Dietel, Clara A., Concord, NH
Hipple, Seth J., Concord, NH
Lirette, Ryan P., Washington, DC
Mangones, John A., Brighton, MA
Young, Anne-Sophie A., Somerville, MA

Presented to the Board of Governors February 11, 2010
Paid Inactive to ACTIVE
Donchess, Victoria L., Nashua, NH
(effective January 26, 2010)
Lee, Brian T., Manchester, NH
(effective January 26, 2010)

Active to INACTIVE
Moore, Karen L., Bedford, MA 
       (effective February 1, 2010)
Pearson, Vincenc L., Beaufort, SC 
       (effective September 24, 2009)

Paid Active to INACTIVE
Earley, Robert E., Nashua, NH 
       (effective January 15, 2010)
Klark, Scott B., West Danville, VT 
       (effective January 20, 2010)
Kraus, Cheryl A., Clifton Park, NY 
       (effective June 1, 2009)
Schreiber, Jeffrey A., Salem, NH 
       (effective February 3, 2010)
Stein, Russell N., Boston, MA 
       (effective January 19, 2010)

Wrisley, Robin A., Malahide, IRELAND 
       (effective June 1, 2009)

Active to Suspended for non-payment of 2009-2010 dues
       (effective January 19, 2010)
Archambault, Brian J., Haverhill, MA
Coravos, Anastasia, Dracut, MA
DiSanto, Edmund, Boston, MA
Gardner, Mark J., Weymouth, MA
Kelley, Edward J., Londonderry, NH
Russo, Angela M., Newburyport, MA
Ryder, Mark R., Portsmouth, NH

Inactive to Suspended for non-payment of 2009-2010 dues
       (effective January 19, 2010)
Barrett, Paul E., West Islip, NY
Baum, James R., Providence, RI
Burgess, Kevin D., Syracuse, NY
Gearhardt, Stacey L. Smith, Bristow, WV
Kim, Kyung-hee, Boston, MA
Marvin-Smith, George, Madison, CT
McConaghy, Jeanine P., Barrington, NH
O’Connor, Dennis M., Capione D’Italia, Italy
Paperny, Alan K., Glastonbury, CT
Picardi, Julie A., Saugus, MA
Riccio, Anthony R., Amherst, NH
Steele, Raymond K., Austin, TX
Sullivan, Margaret M., Raleigh, NC

Suspended for non-payment of 2009-2010 dues to ACTIVE
Kelley, Edward J., Londonderry, NH 
       (effective February 1, 2010)

Suspended for non-payment of 2009-2010 dues to INACTIVE
Baum, James R., Providence, RI 
       (effective January 28, 2010)
DiSanto, Edmund, Boston, MA 
       (effective February 1, 2010)

Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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