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Bar News - July 16, 2010

Casemaker Digest Filters Cases For You

Casemaker on the Go – Try Out the Mobile Format

Casemaker Mobile Connector connects you, as an NHBA member, to your Web library through your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Droid, Palm phone, or whatever smart phone you use.

A free service for Bar members, Casemaker Mobile allows you to search, save, and even share research on Casemaker on your phones.

Your device will remember your primary jurisdiction after your first search. All of Casemaker is available through this mobile app that works with virtually any smart phone.

To access the Casemaker Mobile website, open your mobile browser, navigate to and click the Not Registered? Sign Up Here link to register as a new user for the mobile site.

After entering your e-mail address, a password, your password a second time for verification, and your jurisdiction, you should be registered and able to use the mobile site. Please keep in mind, only certain mobile Web browsers work with the website; if you experience issues, the site just may not work with your phone at this time. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Casemaker helpdesk or call 877-659-0801.

Just like having your own personal research service: Casemaker Digest compiles and summarizes those cases of immediate interest to you. A supplement to the Casemaker Web Library, the Digest service is now available to NH Bar members.

All appellate cases in US jurisdictions are summarized and posted within 48 hours of their publication and available to Casemaker Digest subscribers.

For a modest monthly fee, those who choose Casemaker Digest will be able to select the types of cases (by keyword, area of practice, jurisdiction or court, specific judge) they want to be alerted to. Users can either visit a specific page on the Casemaker website that will contain their constantly-updated selection of cases, or they can sign up for an e-mail feed that will alert them when cases they have selected have been posted to the Casemaker Digest pages.

Casemaker Web Library remains free to all members of the NHBA; Casemaker Digest as a supplemental service, will be available for $3.99 per month for a single state and federal circuit; $4.99 per month for a single state and all circuits; or $5.99 per month for all circuits and all states.

Casemaker Digest is available for a free 14-day trial. Click on "Casemaker Digest" on the menu bar.

Developed earlier this year by Lawriter, Casemaker’s parent company, Casemaker Digest is also being offered to Casemaker users through the bar associations of Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, Georgia, Indiana, North Dakota, and, most recently, Alabama and Massachusetts.

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