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Bar News - September 14, 2012

Scheduling Woes Persist In Family Division

Although six judges were recently confirmed for the Circuit Court, the net impact is less than might appear, because four of the appointees (Judges Paul Moore, Lawrence MacLeod and Mark Weaver) were part-time judges in the Circuit Court, and Marital Master Jennifer Lemire was already hearing cases.

Judge Susan Carbon and Judge Julie Intracaso represent new personnel coming to the bench.

While all but one of the 31 full-time Circuit Court judgeships has been or will soon be filled (once Augustís appointees are all on board by late October), the system has relied heavily on a number of part-time judges and marital masters whose positions are not being replaced. With terms expiring this month for Masters Anne Barber, Philip Cross, and David Forrest, and Jennifer Lemireís appointment as a judge, the ranks of the masters has dwindled from 12 just five months ago to six by the end of September.

"We will have significantly less availability of judges [due to the marital mastersí departures] than when these judges were appointed," said Hon. David King, Deputy Administrative Judge of the Circuit Court.

Hereís where the newly appointed judges will be assigned:

Judge Julie Intracaso: 9th Circuit Family Division, half time in Manchester, half time in Nashua.

Judge Susan Carbon: Although appointed to a part-time position, we expect Judge Carbon will take on nearly a full-time schedule, primarily in the family division, three-fourths time in the 10th Circuit-Portsmouth, and one-fourth in the 9th Circuit-Nashua.

Judge Lawrence MacLeod: Judge MacLeod has been essentially sitting full time and will continue in the family division in the 2nd Circuit-Lebanon and the probate division in the 8th Circuit-Keene and 5th Circuit-Newport.

Judge Paul Moore: Judge Moore has also been essentially full time and will continue primarily in the 9th Circuit-Goffstown, family and district divisions, as well as some other locations as needed, to include Derry and Hooksett.

Judge Jennifer Lemire: Remains in 9th Circuit family division in Manchester, where she has been sitting as a master.

Judge Mark Weaver: He will continue to sit in the 10th Circuit in Seabrook district division until he winds his law practice down, which is expected to be in late October. Then he will likely be assigned full time in the 10th circuit, primarily in the district division, with possibly some family division assignments in time.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For an update on the Family Division, read the Q&A with Circuit Court Administrative Judge Edwin W. Kelly in the Summer 2012 Bar Journal.

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