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Bar News - August 23, 2013

Reduced-Fee Honor Roll

The NH Bar Association recognizes attorneys participating in the Reduced-Fee Referral Program for their contributions in assisting families and individuals of moderate means throughout the state. Last year, staff linked over 1,100 lower-income people with Reduced-Fee panel attorneys on matters ranging from family law to bankruptcy and foreclosure.

“Attorneys accepting Reduced-Fee referrals are important players in providing access to justice for people of ‘modest means’,” said Virginia Martin, Associate Executive Director for Legal Services. “Their involvement helps assure affordable legal services are within reach for families and individuals often referred to as “the working poor”.

One of the longest running programs of its kind nationally, the NHBA’s ‘modest means’ panel offers more extensive services than found at most state and local bar associations, where reduced-cost referral programs are often very limited in scope.

The Reduced-Fee Referral Program receives grant support from the NH Bar Foundation’s IOLTA program and the National Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement through the NH Department of Justice. The Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral Service also provide financial and administrative support.

Julia A. Eastman
Matthew D. Huot
Jessica E. Storey

William M. Albrecht
Jay S. Clough
Kurt D. DeVylder
L. Bradley Helfer
Maureen T. Soraghan
V. Richards Ward

Audrey L. Reagan
Jonathan B. Sistare
Arthur L. Trombly

Omer C. Ahern
Phillip J. Beiner
John S.G. Clifford
Michael B. Fisher
Eric W. Janson
William K. Koppenheffer
Michael C. Mace
Aaron H. Simpson
Rebecca A. Wagner

William O. Amann
Deborah M. Bailin
Robert J. Bartis
Lisa M. Blanchard
Sandra F. Bloomenthal
Robert T. Bloomenthal
Amy C. Breault
George C. Bruno
Brendan T. Carroll
Joseph Caulfield
Brad T. Collins
Kevin Garth Corriveau
Brian P. Cowan
Kysa M. Crusco
Elizabeth A. Garon
Alexander G. Gatzoulis
Janine Gawryl
Kathleen Goulet
Jessica Greenwood
Jay L. Hodes
Dennis C. Hogan
Lucinda Hopkins
James D. Kelly
Achsa K. Klug
Carol L. Kunz
Michael C. Lee
Jeffrey W. Lodding
James T. Lombardi
  HILLSBOROUGH (continued)
Joseph W. MacAllister
Laura K. Maistroskey
Marla R. Margolis
Gregory T. Martin
Velma McClure
Francis J. McDonough
Jonathan T. McPhee
Paul S. Mistovich
Robert M. Moore
Katherine J. Morneau
Edward C. Mosca
Gregory D. Palkon
Sarah Paris
Elizabeth S. Perry
William J. Phillips
Todd H. Prevett
Peter D. Prevett
Joseph J. Prieto
Michael T. Racine
Patrick W. Rivard
John F. Skinner III
Katherine E. Spillane
Kathleen A. Sternenberg
Jon N. Strasburger
Christopher R. Tuomala
John L. Ward
John A. Wolkowski

Linda L. Ashford
Bronwyn L. Asplund-Walsh
John J. Balkus
Steven P. Bunker
Timothy L. Chevalier
Kevin P. Chisholm
Tracy M. Culberson
Michael C. Diaz
Sarah E. Dimitriadis
Nicole R. Fortune
Michael G. Gfroerer
Charles Glover
Carl David Hanson
Richard W. Heiser
Seth J. Hipple
Linda B. Sullivan Leahy
David LeFevre
Theodore M. Lothstein
Stephen T. Martin
Jeremey A. Miller
Thomas C. Neal
Melissa M. Nemeth
Tanner Z. Nolin
Elizabeth B. Olcott
Mary F. Stewart
Sheila O’Leary Zakre

Nicholas R. Aeschliman
Krista E. Atwater
Ann K. Barber
Nancy A. Barbour
Sylvia R. Brewster
Justin Caramagno
Jackson W. Casey
Nadine Catalfimo
Cheryl C. Deshaies
Keith A. Dias
Amy L. Driscoll
John F. Driscoll
Derek R. Durbin
William J. Fardy
Patricia E. S. Gardner
Albert Hansen
Michael M. Harrington
Nicholas C. Howie
Daniel D. Lustenberger
Vincent J. Marconi
William Rodd Mason
Richard F. Monteith
Lynda Carey Paris
Nicole M. T. Paul
Neil J. Reardon
Sanford Roberts
Ellen C. Shimer-Brenes
John A. Simmons, Sr.
Brett N. Skoropowski
Timothy S. Wheelock

Christopher C. Buck
Ronald P. Indorf
Emmanuel Krasner
Cory R. Mattocks
Christopher G. Roundy
Heather M. Tacconi

Lisa A. Wellman-Ally

Robert A. Brazil
Michael E. Causbie
Elise B. Hoffman
Robert H. Prince
Robert R. Thomas

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