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Bar News - September 20, 2013

NH Bar Journal Issue – International Law

The latest issue of the NH Bar Journal has three articles addressing different aspects of international law, with a bonus – an excerpt from a new edition of a popular book and teaching aide about New Hampshire cases argued at the US Supreme Court.

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction:
A Guide for NH Practitioners

The first article is a practical guide to the challenges of child abduction and how NH law interacts with orders to return a child issued under the Hague Convention. A dispute over child custody with clashing international jurisdictions is fraught with practical and substantive difficulties.

This article, by Mary Beth Sweeney, makes reference to the few cases in New Hampshire case law on the subject, plus those in neighboring states, to analyze the standards to be met in a Hague Convention case. Read more.

The Status of Artificial Intelligence and Drones Under International Law

Attorney John Weaver, who last wrote about the emerging liability issues posed by Siri and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI), returns to the subject as it applies to the rapid development of drones that go beyond remote control to guiding themselves to their targets. Think “killer robots.”

Weaver uses AI drones to explore the further complexity of how international law would treat these devices. The confusion and uncertainty surrounding the legality of AI attack drones, Weaver notes, should not deter us from addressing these legal issues as AI, in everyday life, offers huge opportunities as well as challenges. Read more.

Rule of Law Efforts Are Making Headway Across the World

Retired Judge Joseph P. Nadeau offers an encouraging assessment of efforts by the US government and organizations, including the American Bar Association, to assist other countries in developing and enhancing the rule of law, legal institutions, and government structures generally.

Justice Nadeau, who retired as senior associate justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court in 2005, to devote greater time to his involvement in rule of law projects worldwide, which date back 20 years, has spent weeks at a time assisting judicial colleagues in former Eastern European republics and Indonesia, among other nations. He offers personal observations on his own education through these experiences. Read more.

Patriots, Pirates, Politicians and Profit Seekers: ‘It’s a Free Country’

Written by New Hampshire attorney Martin Bender and Concord-area teacher Joan Blanchard 20 years ago, the book Patriots, Pirates, Politicians and Profit-Seekers is an examination of New Hampshire cases that went to the US Supreme Court. The book has recently been updated by the authors, with help from volunteers led by senior Judge Kathleen McGuire. The book, along with an accompanying teachers’ guide, will be published digitally later this year. The latest issue of NH Bar Journal includes a reprint of the updated chapter titled, “It’s a Free Country,” which details several First Amendment cases from New Hampshire that were tested at the US Supreme Court.

Bar Association members will soon be hearing more about the book and the associated teachers guide. This excerpt offers a glimpse that we hope whets your appetite to read the entire book and to perhaps consider using it for “A Lawyer and Judge in Every School” visits in coming years. Read more.

Lex Loci

Our review of recent NH Supreme Court cases, by attorney David Ruoff, looks at cases involving deals gone south, alleged “snitches,” tenants that won’t go away, and dueling supermarkets, to name a few. Read more.

Find all of the articles in this issue of the NH Bar Journal at This and back issues can also be ordered in print copy through the online store.

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