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Bar News - October 18, 2013

Court's Corner: Court Reporter of Decisions Retires


David Peck stands behind the volumes of reported decisions with which he helped the NH Supreme Court over the past 22 years. Loretta Platt will replace Peck as the courtís reporter of decisions.
A new hand on the editorís pen will be marking up opinions as Reporter of Decisions for the NH Supreme Court.

David S. Peck retired as Reporter in August, 2013, after 22 years of service at the Supreme Court. Loretta Platt, who has held several positions since joining the court in 2000, succeeds Peck. She has served as Deputy Reporter of Decisions since 2012.

In a ceremony event last month, the Court unveiled Vol. 164, the final volume of NH Reports edited by Peck. The volume includes a dedication to Peck Ė the first time a volume has been dedicated to the reporter.

The Court wrote; "We recognize that there is no precedent for this dedication. That is fitting, for David is a unique individual, and the service that he has provided to the court is unparalleled.

"Although Davidís primary responsibility as Reporter has been to oversee the publication and distribution of the opinions of the court, his contribution to our work has been far more extensive. We have asked much of David during his years of service and his responses have been unfailingly timely and well-reasoned Ė and always accompanied by a smile.

"Whether discussing the merits of a particular doctrinal approach or the phrasing of a single sentence, David has the ability to share the fruits of his keen intellect with clarity and humility, and often a touch of humor. Many grateful law clerks have acknowledged, upon completion of their service to the court, that they have become better writers, scholars and lawyers due in part to Davidís guidance. And we, as members of the court, have enjoyed our frequent debates with him as we have considered various issues Ė from modification of our comprehensive collection of rules to the application of our precedent to evolving areas of law.

"With this dedication, we express our profound gratitude to David, for we have benefitted from his incisive intellect, personal dignity and unwavering commitment to the work of the court. We congratulate him on having published more New Hampshire Reports than any prior Reporter and wish him much happiness and good fortune in his next endeavors."

"Iíve enjoyed working for the court," said Peck. "Itís been a great job Ė challenging and rewarding." Asked to recall particular aspects he enjoyed, Asked to recall particular aspects he enjoyed, Peck, ever mindful of the nature of his position, declined due to the confidential nature of much of his work.

Peck continues to work on a part-time basis for the Court. His successor, Platt, has held several positions since joining the court in 2000. She served as senior staff attorney for several years before becoming the deputy reporter of decisions in 2012.

Platt also worked for the NH House of Representatives and served as an assistant attorney general. She is a graduate of Cornell Law School.

Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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