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Bar News - August 20, 2014

In Last Legislative Session, 300+ Bills Became Law


The workplace, the jury box, and your cellphone are three places where new state laws affect what can be asked about and when.

HB 1188 and SB 207 change the landscape with regard to protecting employees who ask about or disclose information about an individual’s wages, and also make it illegal to discriminate in compensation on the basis of sex. Also in the employment law area, SB 351 requires an employer to provide details of any non-compete agreement it wants a prospective employee to sign before the candidate accepts a job offer.

HB 461 extends to defendants in all criminal cases the right to pose questions to potential jurors during the jury selection process. (Bar News wrote about this bill in the July issue.)

HB 1533 requires a warrant before an electronic device such as a cellphone can be searched by police. Meanwhile, HB 1360 expands New Hampshire’s distracted driving law to ban the use of a cellphone while driving unless a hands-free device or headset is used.

Other bills affecting landlord-tenant law, trusts, and family law, to name a few, have already become effective or will take effect soon.

Visit the state’s website to find a list of bills becoming law as a result of the 2014 legislative session. The NH Bar Association’s website includes Legislation Watch, which provides keyword and topic searches for a number of bills being tracked by the Bar Association. (Log-in to the For Members area and click on “View Legislation.”)

John MacIntosh, an attorney who does lobbying for the Bar Association in collaboration with the NHBA’s Legislation Committee, is reviewing bills passed into law to guide the faculty of the annual NHBA Developments in the Law CLE, which will be presented for the first time on Oct. 31.

Before bills are codified and entered into the revised statutes, they are enrolled and given chapter numbers. Find text of bills under the bill #. The following is a selective list of bills, which numbered more than 330.
Chaptered Bills
Chapter  Bill #  Title
0005 SB249 Relative to judicial performance evaluations
0021 HB1309 Technical change to workers’ compensation law
0040 HB1108 Voir dire in all criminal cases
0044 HB1125 Repealing crime of adultery
0055 HB1243 Confidentiality of criminal background checks of school employees, volunteers
0056 HB1274 (New title) Re: payment of rent and security deposits
0069 SB201 Re: marriage registration forms
0070 SB216 Re: designating alternate trustee of trust fund
0077 SB347 Municipal enforcement of land use ordinances
0095 HB1289 Interference with child custody
0104 HB1459 Domicile for voting purposes during a temporary absence
0114 SB277 Absentee voter registration
0131 SB206 Proof of identity by voters
0152 HB318 Establishing the crime of domestic violence
0160 SB394 Recognition of out-of-state marriages, civil unions, gender-neutral references
0169 HB1115 Excluding condominium assessments from homestead rights
0170 HB1137 Annulment of certain obstruction of justice crimes, crime of escape
0184 HB1533 Warrant to search information on portable electronic device
0185 HB1631 Collection of debts, small claims
0189 SB229 Use and disclosure of protected health information
0194 SB262 (New title) Revising the form for “summons instead of arrest” and prohibiting prejudgment attachments in small claims
Chapter  Bill #  Title
0195 SB303 Bad faith assertions of patent infringement
0198 SB306 Establishing commission to study NH mortgage foreclosure law, new federal regulations, fair foreclosure practices
0203 SB371 Establishing a senior citizen bill of rights
0204 SB373 Procedure and jurisdiction of the superior courts
0212 SB419 Medical malpractice panel and insurance oversight committee
0215 HB1624 Modernizing juvenile justice system to ensure rehabilitation, preservation of rights
0217 SB245 (New title) Siting of energy facilities
0222 HB1442 Mental health courts
0224 HB1606 Assignment of legal costs in suits between condominium associations and their members
0225 HB1632 Child support orders for children with disabilities
0227 SB207 Paycheck equity (Also, Ch. 0250 - HB1188)
0238 HB1410 Pets included under domestic violence protection statute
0239 HB1434 Surrogate health care decision making by family member, friend
0243 SB211 Reporting requirements in fatal motor vehicle accident reports
0244 SB53 Terminates parental rights where the child’s birth is the result of sexual assault
0257 SB317 Human trafficking
0256 HB1360 (New title) Use of electronic devices while driving
0263 HB496 Driving privileges for some first-time DWI offenders
0271 HB1198 (New title) Procedure for filing CHINS petition, definition of sexual abuse under child protection act
0289 SB351 (New title) Requiring notice of non-compete agreements before start of employment

If you are in doubt about the status of any meeting, please call the Bar Center at 603-224-6942 before you head out.

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