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Bar News - January 21, 2015

Thank You, 2014 Bar News Contributors

Bar News is a member-focused, member-driven publication that wouldn’t be possible without the many attorneys and other writers who take time out of their busy schedules to pen articles meant to inform and entertain their colleagues. For their work, most Bar News contributors receive little more than a thank-you email from an editor (though some have gotten referrals and others have earned the respect and admiration of their peers. The people listed here have volunteered to contribute content to Bar News over the past year, and their work is greatly appreciated.

Bar News welcomes letters, commentary and article queries from NH Bar Association members and nonmembers throughout the year. For more information about contributing to Bar News and for the 2015 editorial calendar, please visit the NH Bar Association website.

– Kristen Senz

James Allmendinger
Tina Annis
Michelle Arruda
Krista Atwater
Anthony Augieri
Mark Bassingthwaihte
Kevin M. Baum
John Beardmore
Douglas Beaton
Jennifer Turco Beaudet
Jared Bedrick
Matthew Benson
John Bentas
Gilles Bissonnette
Charla Bizios Stevens
Judith L. Bomster
Tim Boucher
Loretta Brady
Gayle Braley
Marcia Brown
Steve Burke
Julie Burwell-Garvey
Ann N. Butenhof
Megan Carrier
Talesha Caynon
Pierre Chabot
Tim Chevalier
Timothy Condon
Danile J. Connolly
Doug Cooper
Stacie Ayn Corcoran
Michael Davidow
Daniel Deane
Katherine DeForest
Hon. N. William Delker
Robert Denney
Beth Deragon
Cheryl Deshaies
Bruce Dorner
Charles G. Douglas
Randall Drew
Susan Drisko Zago
Jessica Ecker
Joni Esperian
Bruce Felmly
C. Christine Fillmore
Lisa Forberg
Beth Fowler
Donald Frechette
Anthony Galdieri
Alex P. Garens
John Burwell Garvey
Alexander G. Gatzoulis
Richard Gaudreau
Melinda Gehris
Haden Gerrish
Larry Gillis
Jaime Gillis
J. Paul Giuliani
Owen Graham
Richard Guerriero
Albert Hansen
Michael Hatem
Marc Hathaway
Christopher D. Hawkins
Juliana Hayden
David Heath
Barbara G. Heggie
Carol Hess
Catherine H. Hines
Peter F. Imse
John Kacavas
Deborah Kane Rein
Jeffrey Kaye
James Kerouac
Heather Krans
Ross Krutsinger
Jillian Lacroix
Andrea Lasker
Petar Leonard
Michael Listner
Ted Lothstein
Iris Lowery
Clara Lyons
Colin Maher
Katie Kiernan Marble
Joseph McDonald
Karen S. McGinley
Suzanne McKenna
Martha Minow
David H. Mirsky
Amy Monk
Anu Mullikin
Chief Justice Tina Nadeau
Megan Neal
Amanda Nelson
Jeremiah Newhall
Peter F. Nieves
Miguel Nieves
Stephen Nix
Sarah E. O’Leary
David Osman
Scott Owens
Thomas Pancoast
Jeanmarie Papelian
Thomas Pappas
Jennifer Parent
Sarah Paris
Matthew Passalacqua
Kim Peaslee
Melissa S Penson-Mesa
Heather A. Perkins
Leah Plunkett
Kevin J. Powers
Charles Putnum
Gretchen Pyles
Carol Rabidoux
Maureen Raiche Manning
Connie Rakowsky
Jim Reidy
Meredith Richardson
Nancy Richards-Stower
Keith A. Roberts
Jennifer Rood
Peter Roth
Lynne Sabean
Richard Samdperil
Laura Sannicandro
William Saturely
Anthony Sculimbrene
Mary Searles
Jonathan Shirley
Mitch Simon
Kirk Simoneau
Mark Sisti
Steven Slovensky
Lee Smith
Matthew J. Snyder
Lisabritt Solsky
Frank Spinella Jr.
David Steelman
Mary Stewart
David Tencza
Lisa N. Thompson
Bryan Townsend II
Rebecca Troy-Horton
Catherine H. Tucker
Shenanne Tucker
Eugene Van Loan III
Justin T. Vartanian
John Vorder Bruegge
Gregory Wade
Kimberly Weibrecht
Debra Weiss Ford
Leigh Willey
Kirsten Wilson
Josh Wyatt
William VA Zorn

If you are in doubt about the status of any meeting, please call the Bar Center at 603-224-6942 before you head out.

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