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Bar News - April 15, 2015

Court News: Rockingham County Judges Offer Tips and Pet Peeves


Rockingham County Superior Court Judges Will Delker and Andrew Schulman joined Judges Marguerite Wageling and David Anderson (not pictured) at a “Meet the Judge” event at the Portsmouth Country Club in Greenland last month.
All four Rockingham County Superior Court Judges came out for the Rockingham County Bar Association’s “Meet the Judges” event last month at the Portsmouth Country Club in Greenland.

Judges Marguerite Wageling, Will Delker, Andrew Schulman and David Anderson provided practice tips and pet peeves. Here are a few:

  • Put the evidence – the photo or the contract or whatever – up on the screen in the courtroom so everyone in the courtroom can see it.
  • If you’re going to pre-mark exhibits, make sure you check with opposing counsel and do it correctly the first time.
  • The courtroom is already configured so that the judge can’t see the witness’s face. Standing between the judge and the witness just makes it (and you) even more annoying.
  • Give a copy of the exhibits to the judge.
  • Don’t assume the judge knows the facts of the case as well as you do. Provide background.
  • Be respectful, but be real with judges. They don’t need a wider berth than everyone else when they walk into a room They are human and they appreciate authenticity.
  • Make sure to prep your witnesses.
  • Don’t let your criminal defendant bring his or her child to a sentencing hearing to engender sympathy. It will not work.
  • Don’t file a motion for continuance at the last minute.
  • Don’t show up at a structuring conference and tell the judge that mediation hasn’t happened yet.
  • Be ready and respectful when the morning list is called.
  • Don’t go before the judge to argue about not getting discovery. Take the “meet and confer” requirement seriously.
  • If you have to write something by hand for the court, try to do it legibly.

The judges each revealed something personal about their lives. Props to the first reader (who did not attend the event) who can match these four facts with the judges they describe (email with your answer).

  1. Worked as a news reporter at Foster’s Daily Democrat
  2. Loves Katy Perry and attended a Katy Perry concert last summer
  3. Attended a wedding at a nudist colony
  4. Carries a baby photo of himself or herself at all times

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