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Bar News - February 17, 2016

Thank You, 2015 Bar News Contributors

Bar News is a member-focused, member-driven publication that wouldn’t be possible without the many attorneys and other writers who take the time to contribute articles. For their work, most Bar News contributors receive little more than a thank-you email from an editor (though some have gotten referrals, and others have earned the respect and admiration of their peers... Hint, hint, for those readers who have thought about contributing to these pages). The people listed here have volunteered to contribute content to Bar News over the past year, and their work is greatly appreciated.

For information about contributing to Bar News, please see Editorial Submission Information.

– Kristen Senz

Paul J. Alfano
James F. Allmendinger
William J. Amann
Linda J. Argenti
Michelle M. Arruda
Demetrio F. Aspiras
Paul J. Bauer
Bill Beauchesne
Sabrina C. Beavens
Jared J. Bedrick
Gina B. Belmont
Matthew H. Benson
Jenna M. Bergeron
Reagan S. Bissonnette
Emily G. Bolton
Judith L. Bomster
Stephanie A. Bray
John T. Broderick
Molly J. Brown
George C. Bruno
Ann N. Butenhof
Christopher M. Candon
Laura L. Carroll
Michael R. Chamberlain
Helen S. Coburn
Anna B. Cole
Hon. Carol Ann Conboy
Eric D. Cook
Staci Ayn M. Corcoran
David R. Craig
Kysa M. Crusco
Henry J. Dane
Mark W. Dell’Orfano
Beth Deragon
Robert W. Dillon
Michael J. Drooff
Justin B. Finn
Elijah D. Emerson
Debra W. Ford
Kathleen Fortin
Beth L. Fowler
Donald E. Frechette
Benjamin D. Frost
Patricia E.S. Gardner
Linda R. Garey
Zachary R. Gates
Joshua L. Gordon
Jamie H. Gorton
Douglas A. Grauel
John M. Greabe
Steven E. Grill
Honey Hastings
Christopher D. Hawkins
Randy Hawkes
Barbara G. Heggie
Joshua S. Hilliard
Benjamin Siracusa Hillman
Julie D. Hincks
Lucy C. Hodder
Susan B. Hollinger
Charles G. Holoubek
Michael J. Iacopino
Nicole B. Jacobson
Rebecca S. Kane
Hon. Edwin W. Kelly
Mary Krueger
Sarah E. Lavoie
Simon Levenson
Michael J. Listner
Patrick T. Lorman
Ted Lothstein
Iris J. Lowery
Harry N. Malone
Amy Manzelli
Kathleen C. Marquis
Bud Martin
Calvin Massey
Laurel A. Van Buskirk McClead
Karen S. McGinley
Elsabeth D. McGohey
David W. McGrath
Bonne A. McHenry
Kristin A. Mendoza
Enrique Mesa
Lynn S. Mitchell
Anu R. Mullikin
Hon. Joseph P. Nadeau
Mark Nickas
Elizabeth J. Nolin
Sarah Paris
Kimberly A.W. Peaslee
Alexis Peters
Pamela E. Phelan
Leah A.W. Plunkett
Lynn J. Preston
Michael J. Quinn
James P. Reidy
Jaye L. Rancourt
John E. Rich
Nancy Richards-Stower
Jennifer Rood
David W. Ruoff
Alexandria R. Russell
Lynne G. Sabean
Richard D. Sager
Laura D. Sannicandro
Anthony K. Sayess
David W. Sayward
Anthony F. Sculimbrene
Amanda Grady Sexton
Joel T. Shaw
Donald H. Sienkiewicz
Kirk C. Simoneau
Mark L. Sisti
Gregory H. Smith
Kent E. Smith
Maureen D. Smith
Charla B. Stevens
Mary F. Stewart
Kevin W. Stuart
Janet H. Subers
Blake M. Sutton
Peter N. Tamposi
Jane F. Taylor
Mary E. Tenn
Autumn M. Tertin
John E. Tobin
Catherine Tucker
Adam C. Varley
Mark M. Whitney
Jordan J. Wilcox
Lisa L. Wolford
William V.A. Zorn

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