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Bar News - January 18, 2017

Thank You, 2016 Bar News Contributors

Bar News is a member-focused, member-driven publication that wouldn’t be possible without the many attorneys and other writers who take the time to contribute articles. For their work, most Bar News contributors receive little more than a thank-you email from an editor (though some have gotten referrals, and others have earned the respect and admiration of their peers... Hint, hint, for those readers who have thought about contributing to these pages). The people listed here have volunteered to contribute content to Bar News over the past year, and their work is greatly appreciated.

For information about contributing to Bar News, please see Editorial Submission Information.

– Kristen Senz

Lauren Adams
Beth Aframe
James F. Allmendinger
John L. Arnold
Patrick J. Arnold
Michelle M. Arruda
Krista E. Atwater
Peter T. Beach
Betsy Black
Jared J. Bedrick
Ryan M. Borden
Timothy A. Boucher
Aniko Bouley
Olympia A. Bowker
John T. Broderick
Carol Durgy Brooks
Mark T. Broth
Donna J. Brown
Molly J. Brown
George C. Bruno
Stephen C. Buckley
Margaret M.L. Byrnes
Peter G. Callaghan
Colleen M. Capossela
Robert P. Cheney
Timothy L. Chevalier
Gregory S. Clayton
Robert Cohan
Anna B. Cole
Eric D. Cook
Douglas J. Cooper
Stacie Ayn M. Corcoran
Kerstin B. Cornell
John M. Cunningham
Ruth Dapper
Michael E. Davidow
Nancy A. DeAngelis
Hon. N. William Delker
Beth Deragon
Laura D. Devine
Chuck G. Douglas
Christopher M. Dube
Dennis T. Ducharme
David P. Eby
Jonathan M. Eck
Jessica L. Ecker
Justin B. Finn
Robert M. Fojo
Debra W. Ford
Chantalle R. Forgues
Kathy Fortin
Linda R. Garey
Joseph D. Garrison
Richard D. Gaudreau
Susan S. Geiger
Lindsey B. Gray
Jason D. Gregoire
Diane Griffith
Jamie N. Hage
Dennis J. Haley
Katherine M. Hanna
Gary S. Harding
Samuel C. Harkinson
Scott H. Harris
Honey Hastings
Francesca Hennessy
Joshua S. Hilliard
Russell F. Hilliard
Lucy C. Hodder
Ralph F. Holmes
Peter E. Hutchins
Daniel P. Hynes
Charles J. Keefe
Hon. Edwin W. Kelly
J. Patrick Kennedy
Hon. David D. King
Donald M. Kreis
Sarah E. Lavoie
Petar M. Leonard
John M. Lewis
Michael J. Listner
Eric A. Maher
Nicolas W. Mason
Heather V. Menezes
Joseph F. McDowell
Elsabeth D. McGohey
David W. McGrath
Patricia M. McGrath
Timothy M. McKernan
Richard K. McPartlin
Kristin A. Mendoza
Nicholas Mignanelli
Aaron J. Mitchell
Julie A. Moore
Evan J. Mulholland
Jamie S. Myers
Megan C. Neal
Hon. Joseph P. Nadeau
Peter A. Nieves
Jared P. O’Connor
Scott C. Owens
Jennifer L. Parent
Terri L. Pastori
Stacey L. Pawlik
Kathleen C. Peahl
Gerald D. Peake
Kimberly A.W. Peaslee
Charles T. Putnam
Michelle Radie-Coffin
Jim P. Reidy
Deborah K. Rein
Nancy Richards-Stower
Rebecca Rutter Sanborn
Jeanne S. Saffan
Richard E. Samdperil
Philip R. Schreffler
Anthony F. Sculimbrene
Catherine E. Shanelaris
Cameron G. Shilling
Donald H. Sienkiewicz
Norman J. Silber
Gregory L. Silverman
Kirk C. Simoneau
Gregory H. Smith
Maureen D. Smith
Theresa M. Spearing
Russell J. Stein
Donald W. Stever
Mary F. Stewart
Jennifer de Lyon Stralka
David G. Sturm
Blake M. Sutton
Lisa N. Thompson
Kelly Thom
Shenanne R. Tucker
Nikolas J. Uhlir
Marcie E. Vaughan
Capt. Luke A. Webster
Lanea A. Witkus
William V.A. Zorn

If you are in doubt about the status of any meeting, please call the Bar Center at 603-224-6942 before you head out.

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