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Bar News - July 18, 2008

2008 Reduced-Fee Honor Roll

The New Hampshire Bar Association recognizes the following attorneys who have volunteered to serve clients of moderate means through the Reduced-Fee Referral Program.

"We greatly appreciate the efforts of Reduced-Fee panel attorneys in providing affordable legal services to clients with limited incomes," said Associate Executive Director for Legal Services Ginny Martin. "Attorneys participating in Reduced-Fee help assure a meaningful option exists for the working poor to secure access to affordable representation."

Martin said that the NHBA’s "modest means" panel is one of the oldest in the country and offers more extensive services than found at most state and local bar associations, where reduced-cost referral programs are often very limited in their scope. Last year, the New Hampshire Bar’s Reduced-Fee Referral Program made 882 referrals. At present, the Program particularly needs lawyers to serve clients in northern New Hampshire and can always use additional panel members from any area of the state.

The Reduced-Fee Referral Program receives grant-funding from the NH Bar Foundation’s IOLTA program and is also supported and administered by the Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral Service.

   Doria D. Aronson 
   Catherine Broderick
   Lori A. Christmann
   Stephen J. Laurent

   Robert T. Bloomenthal

 Center Sandwich 
   Leslie Hughes Johnson

 Eaton Center 
   Cheryl Lieber

   Jeanne M. Vanim-Botting

   Jay Scott Clough

   V. Richards Ward

   Alison A. Brodie 
   Audrey L. Reagan 
   Arthur L. Trombly

   Wendy Roberts

   Gary N. Apfel 
   Patrick T. Hayes 
   Eric William Janson 
   William K. Koppenheffer
   Thomas H. Trunzo

   Deanne Chrystal

   Omer C. Ahern

   Todd H. Prevett

   Steven Ruddock

   David C. Wing

   Frederick C. Betley 
   Malcolm P. Blackwood
   Kysa M. Crusco
   Raymond A. Foss
   Elizabeth A. Garon 
   Kathleen Goulet
   Jay L. Hodes
   Lucinda Hopkins
   David LeFevre
   Edward C. Mosca
   Daniel O’Shaughnessy
   John J.A. Schrepfer
   Jon N. Strasburger
   John A. Wolkowski

   Adam Bernstein 
   Joseph Caulfield
   Kurt D. DeVylder
   Robert E. Earley
   Dennis C. Hogan
   Christopher W. Kelley
   Joseph W. MacAllister
   Katherine J. Morneau
   Mark A. Osborne
   Gregory D. Palkon
   Sarah Paris
   Justin C. Shepherd
   Shawn P. Sweeney

   Linda L. Ashford 
   Steven P. Bunker
   Charles G. Glover
   Bradford W. Kuster
   Peter Joseph Leahy
   Jeremey A. Miller
   Kathy E. Needleman
   Elizabeth B. Olcott
   Mary F. Stewart
   Steven M. Whitley
   Sheila O’Leary Zakre

   Robyn A. Guarino

   Bronwyn L. Asplund-Walsh


   Robert R. Howard

   Kurt S. Olson

   Alan W. Goodchild 
   Elyssa B. Slater

 East Kingston
   Jackson W. Casey

   Daniel D. Lustenberger

   Brian F. McCaffrey 
   Jennifer A. Rackley
   Mark F. Sullivan
   Richard A. S. Taylor
   Alexandros S. Yiokarinis

   Marie N. Sapienza

   William J. Fardy

   Terry R. White

   Suzan A. Messina 
   Richard F. Monteith

   Nicholas R. Aeschliman 
   Justin Caramagno
   Molly Cloud
   John F. Driscoll
   Mary Ellen Goggin
   Patrick F. Harrigan
   Sanford Roberts
   Stephen J. Minutelli
   Sanford Roberts
   Timothy S. Wheelock

   Krista E. Atwater

   Melissa J. Fay

   Darlene M. Daniele 
   William Rodd Mason

   Ann K. Barber

   Kay Oppenheimer

   Tracy A. Bernson 
   Sarah E. Cox
   Robert E. Fisher 
   Ronald P. Indorf 
   Christine Marie Rockefeller
   Vicki S. Roundy
   Jocelyn A. Stachowske

   Eric M. Schlapak

   Stephen C. Brown
   John G. Richardson

   Lisa A. Wellman-Ally

   Michael C. Shklar

 Andover, MA 
   Michael G. Furlong 
   Peter D. Prevett

 Groveland MA 
   Claire M Marchand

 Newburyport, MA
   Jocelyn A. Thomsen

 North Andover, MA
   Elise B. Hoffman

 Tyngsborough MA
   Suellen E. Seabury

 Worcester, MA
   Mark P. DiFonte


Environmental, Ecological, Geotechnical, Water, and Construction Management

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