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July 8, 2015

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As the Fourth of July weekend approached, many lawyers found themselves ensnarled in traffic - before leaving the office. The Attorney Reporting Tool (ART) went down last week, due to the volume of visitors. The problem has since been resolved.

An email sent on July 2 to all attorneys subject to the rule sums up the steps members need to take to record their compliance with the NHMCLE rule for the reporting period that ended June 30, 2015.

If the email sent July 2 does not address your question(s), please email your specific questions to NHMCLE@nhbar.org. To help NHMCLE respond as quickly as possible, provide your name, Bar ID and note one of the following in the subject line:

  • Activation of ART account;
  • Login trouble with ART;
  • Filing my Affidavit;
  • Reading My Record page
  • Finding the online Affidavit
  • Paying the online Annual Fee
Thanks for your patience. Please note: online affidavits can be filed through Oct. 1 without penalty this year.

While you are enjoying your time off, don't let listserve messages pile up in your inbox. Take a moment to change your listserve setting to "no mail" before you go. You will be doing yourself and your listserve colleagues (who receive all those "away" messages) a great service. Here's how:
  • Log in using your list email address.
  • If you have not previously set up a password for the listserve, use the password "nhbar" (all lower case).
  • If you belong to more than one listserve, you will need to click on each list name to adjust your settings.
  • Under the My Account tab, click on the drop-down arrow next to Membership Type and change your mail delivery setting to no mail.
  • When you return from vacation, simply reset your mail delivery setting to Normal. You can always catch up with the emails when you return from vacation by clicking on the Messages tab.

In accordance with Supreme Court Rule 56 and RSA 490:32, the NH Judicial Branch Circuit Court Administrative Judge routinely conducts judicial evaluations and participation in this process. The following Judges/Masters are presently being evaluated. Click on the names to complete the surveys:

Justice Susan Carbon9th Circuit Court
Justice Julie Introcaso9th Circuit Court
Justice Michael Ryan9th Circuit Court
Justice Lucinda Sadler10th Circuit Court

Responses will be shared with the judge/master being evaluated, but are treated as confidential and respondents remain anonymous.

To request a paper copy of a survey, please email the Circuit Court Administrative Office or call 271-6418 and one will be mailed to you. Hard copy surveys should not be signed. All evaluations must be completed online or returned by July 10.

Share your expertise with colleagues by writing an article for Bar News. Get involved. Get feedback. Get referrals. The August issue will feature a special section on worker's compensation and personal injury law. Write about client relationships, discovery, depositions, a lesson you learned in your last case. Email Editor Kristen Senz by July 13. Completed articles will be due July 27.

This video was part of the presentation of a Special President's Award to John Broderick at the NH Bar Association Annual Meeting on June 19 in Portsmouth. Congratulations to the former chief justice and UNH law school dean for a distinguished career in public service with many contributions to the courts and the justice system.

That's five more years than a new attorney. If you have been practicing law for at least five years, are in good standing and have a clean disciplinary record, the NHBA New Lawyers' Committee could use your help. Please consider sharing your experience with a newer lawyer by becoming a mentor.

Some possible mentor-mentee activities: Invite a new attorney to sit in on preliminary meetings with a client, discuss the strategy of a matter, attend substantive hearings, or have lunch with other attorneys.

Let's face it, learning the law in school and the practical applications are quite different. Download the application to become a mentor. For more information, contact Rosemarie Atwood at 603-715-3214.

The New Hampshire Children's Trust, the governor's designated statewide community-based child abuse prevention agency, is seeking four new members to join its board of directors in January.

The NH Children's Trust is particularly interested in candidates who can bring knowledge and experience about diverse populations; who have skills in philanthropy/fundraising, media/advertising, law/justice, public health/health and/or family support consumer/adverse childhood experiences survivor/prevention advocates; and who are connected to Strafford, Carroll or Sullivan counties.

For more info, contact Executive Director Keryn Bernard-Kriegl by Sept. 10.

The Bright Future for Small Firms
Clients are demanding lower costs and more efficient service, forcing law firms to rethink their models. Read more.

PODCAST: How can lawyers maximize relaxation while on vacation?
We'd all love to be able to unplug completely while we're on vacation, but for many lawyers, it's not that simple. Listen.

NH Election Laws a Scanty Framework
NH attorney Jay Surdukowski interviewed by the Boston Globe about what's covered and what's not in state campaign finance laws. Read more.

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