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NH Bar News Submission Guidelines

The NH Bar News is published monthly and is the official publication of the New Hampshire Bar Association. Bar News aims to provide NH Bar members with timely information about the Bar, its members and the practice of law in New Hampshire, and to promote an exchange of ideas about issues facing the legal community.

In addition to publishing news and advice, Bar News also publishes opinions and commentary on the legal profession. Please consult our editorial policy for guidance on opinions.

The Bar News accepts advertising, with certain limitations.

Bar News welcomes articles from members and non-members. Authors maintain full but non-exclusive rights to the submitted material. By submitting material to Bar News, authors grant license to the NH Bar Association to publish content–in whole or in part – in print and online, with attribution.

The NH Bar Association uses a modified version of the Associated Press Style Guide. Articles will be edited to that standard, as well as for length when necessary. Click here for information about the quarterly NH Bar Journal.

All Writers Should...

  • Submit materials in an editable document format. (Not PDF)
  • Double-space manuscripts.
  • Single-space after each sentence.
  • Insert breaks between paragraphs with the return key.
  • Legal citations should be abbreviated as much as possible and incorporated into article text. No footnotes, please.
  • Include a biographical paragraph of roughly 35 words at the end of the article.
  • Write informally and direct your writing to a general legal audience.
  • Provide guidance and inform rather than opinionate (except for opinion articles or ‘Morning Mail’).
  • Make sure to include your name and practice area section(s), if applicable.

Bar News Practice Area Section Articles

Bar News
features a different area (or areas) of law each month in its practice-area section (See below for the calendar and submission deadlines). Articles in this section should be between 800 and 1,000 words.

Topics should be broad enough in scope to interest a variety of law practitioners. Successful articles typically inform, provide practical tips, explore intersections of different areas of law, and/or discuss new procedures, rules, laws or case law.

We recommend but do not require advance queries. Scheduled practice areas on our calendar allow for advance planning. When possible, please submit a query two weeks prior to the editorial deadline to Bar News Editor Kristen Senz. Advance notice of topics helps us avoid duplications, but if you have a great article already done, send it to us!

We are sorry that we cannot always publish all of the articles we receive. Some practice-area articles will appear in the online-only version of Bar News.

NH Bar News Practice Area Calendar

January Criminal Law July Federal Practice & Bankruptcy
February Tax Law August Worker’s Compensation & Personal Injury Law
March Trust and Estate Law September Environmental &
Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Law
April Labor & Employment Law October Alternative Dispute Resolution
May Real Property Law November Family Law
June Municipal & Government Law and Intellectual Property Law December Business Law & Business Litigation

Editorial Submission Deadlines for 2017:

Topic Query/
Brief Outline
Sept. 20, 2017
Aug. 7, 2017
Aug. 18, 2017
Oct. 18, 2017
Sept. 11, 2017
Sept. 25, 2017
Nov. 15, 2017
Oct. 9, 2017
Oct. 23, 2017
Dec. 20, 2017
Nov. 13, 2017
Nov. 22, 2017

‘Lessons Learned’

Bar News accepts brief articles of 500 words or less that provide a single tip or law-related anecdote designed to inform or encourage other practitioners. These can be submitted at any time with no advance query. However, timing your submission in coordination with our practice-area calendar is encouraged.

Letters to the Editor/Opinion Articles

Opinion articles on issues relevant specifically to New Hampshire lawyers are preferred, but we will consider well-written pieces on regional, national and global issues as well. Please consult our editorial policy for guidance on opinions.

Please limit opinion pieces to 800 words.

Reviews (Books, technology, services, etc.)

We welcome reviews relevant to the legal profession that focus on software, hardware, books, services, and other tools, products and services that may be of use to members of the legal community.

Reviews should be limited to 600 words. Submit with biographical information and digital (jpg) headshot.

Lawyers in the News

We publish announcements about members being appointed to charitable organization or professional association boards, winning awards and receiving other distinctions in this section.

Paid advertisements in our Lawyers on the Move section are available for announcing new hires and promotions.

Send announcements and inquiries to Donna Parker.


Bar News seeks members to collect and summarize NH Supreme Court decisions monthly. For more information, contact Donna Parker.

*Please note: The NH Bar Association Board is mindful of the publication’s role in promoting civility, professionalism and other objectives of New Hampshire’s unified Bar, as established in the Association’s Constitution. Submissions that include personal attacks, contain language which may be deemed defamatory, or are inconsistent with or irrelevant to the purpose of the publication will not be published.

NH Bar Journal Editorial Submission Guidelines

The NH Bar Journal is an online scholarly journal that is published quarterly by the NH Bar Association. It is available to all NH Bar members via the association website and in print edition by special request. All article submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Word count between 3,000 and 6,000 (excluding endnotes)
  • Submit materials in editable document format (not PDF)
  • Double-space manuscripts and use Times New Roman or Courier New font
  • Insert breaks between paragraphs with the return key
  • Single-space between sentences
  • Include a biographical paragraph of roughly 35 words at the end of the article
  • Endnotes are preferred over footnotes
  • Number pages
  • Submissions should include your name, firm name, and area of expertise

Contact Information

Inquiries about website content, Bar Journal submissions and deadlines, reprints, press contacts and all other NH Bar Association communications, write to Jen Pinckney, Director of Strategic Communications.
Article queries, questions or complaints regarding Bar News editorial content, and requests for additional copies should be directed to Bar News Editor Kristen Senz.

To submit items for Lawyers in the News or for more information about At-A-Glance or a list of books for review, please contact Editorial Assistant Donna Parker.

For advertising information, see our media kits or contact Advertising and Production Manager Donna Parker.

Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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