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Newsroom Archives
Welcome to the Newsroom Archives! Below you will find items previously posted on the Newsroom page grouped by category.  Click on one of the categories below to go to the documents in that section.
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    Newsroom Headlines
    Condolences to Bar President Vogelman, 11/1/2012

    Chris Keating to Head Judicial Council, 9/26/2012

    Notice of Class Action Settlement: Pascavage v. OPM, 9/18/2012

    Gov. Lynch Supports Restoration of NHLA Funding Speech, 4/11/11

    Justice Souter Retirement Coverage-Commentary, 6/3/2010

    Superior Court PAD Pilot Project Rules for Carroll, Strafford counties, 4/8/2010

    Proportional Discovery/Automatic Disclosure (PAD) Pilot Report - March 2010, 4/8/2010

    NH Bar Member in Haiti, 1/15/2010

    Hillsborough Superior Court Operating in Nashua, 12/15/2009

    Goin’ South: Hillsborough County Superior Court North & South in Nashua, 12/18/2009

    What's Your Opinion? Is Cable a Utility?, 11/24/2009

    Gov. Lynch Celebrates 2009 National Pro Bono Week
    , 10/16/2009
    Click for a publication quality photo of Gov. Lynch presenting a proclamation recognizing National Pro Bono Week to James J. Tenn, Jr., NH Bar President, and Catherine Shanelaris, a member of the NH Pro Bono Referral Board. Read about Pro Bono Week in Bar News.

    NH Bar Association Honors Pro Bono Attorneys, 10/15/2009

    “Fond” Memories of the NH Bar Exam, 10/15/2009
    Bar members responded to our request for memories of taking the Bar exam.

    2009 Pro Bono Golf Photos, 8/14/2009

    Photos from Judge Conboy's Swearing In Ceremony, 7/8/2009
    Judge Carol Ann Conboy took the office as the 105th justice of the NH Supreme Court on July 8.

    Scenes from 2009 Annual Meeting, 6/26/2009

    Bar Journal Online - Tribute to Lex Loci, 6/1/2009

    Corrected Order - Public Protection Fund and Lawyers Assistance Program, 5/18/2009

    Unauthorized Practice of Law Task Force: Summary Report and Recommendation, 4/13/2009 (7.5 MB, 138 page PDF)

    UPL Prosecution by Attorney General, 3/24/2009

    Bar Members Give Mediocre Grades to Courts in Survey, 3/13/2009 

    Credit Cards and Bankruptcy: Opportunities for Reform, 1/5/2009 (9 pages)
    Testimony of John Rao, Director National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Before the Senate Judiciary Committee

    Emile Bussiere Recalls a Lawyer's Life, 11/18/2008

    Fall Bar Journal Issue is Online, 11/14/2008

    Superior Court: 2008 Annual Report on Medical Malpractice Panels, 9/23/2008

    Helpful Hints for Rule 170 Neutrals and Users of the Program, 9/22/2008

    NH Bar Association Educational Program Wins National Award, 8/15/2008

    Changes to Right-to-Know Law Summarized (5 pages)
    by Attorney John Lassey, vice chair of the NH Right to Know Oversight Commission

    Admission by Motion Statistics - June 2008, 7/10/2008

    2008 Reduced Fee Honor Roll, 7/8/2008

    Giving Back Report on Lawyers' Volunteerism, 7/4/2008

    Bar Journal, Spring 2008: Business Law, 6/16/2008

    Rule 170 Commentary, 6/11/2008

    Ginny Martin, Pro Bono Director Receives National Award, 5/23/2008

    International Law Section Presents Award to Attorney Geiger
    , 5/22/2008

    Retired Judge Brennan Says Anti-Corruption Efforts in Iraq are Faltering
    , 5/13/2008
    Concord Monitor article

    Justice Souter in the News, 5/1/2008 
       Inspired by Gettysburg
        US Supreme Court Justice David Souter, in a rare public address in April, 2008, said that a visit to Gettysburg changed his outlook on hearing difficult Supreme Court cases.
       Quotes Poetry in Dissent…
        In an April 28, 2008 dissent in Crawford v. Marion Board of Education decision, Justice Souter makes a poetic reference to “the man who wasn’t there…” (Thanks to blogger/political reporter Dan Tuohy for pointing it out in his blog)

    Milford High School Students Compete in U.S. Constitution Program National Finals in Washington, D.C.
    , 5/1/2008

    NH Bar Members Work Around the World to Advance the Rule of Law, 5/2/2008

    Annullment Requests Soaring, 4/13/2008
    Manchester Union Leader article

    NH Dept. of Revenue: Tax Time -- NH Tax Issues to Keep in Mind, 3/5/2008 (PDF)

    IRS Contact Info for NH Tax Practitioners, 1/15/2008 (PDF)

    Your Guide to the New Hampshire Courts, 1/2/2008
    A publication of the NH Judicial Branch, in cooperation with the NH Bar Association, funded by the NH Bar Foundation

    The Economics of Law Practice in NH, 2000 (PDF)
    Court Reports/Drafts
    Testimony of Hon. Edwin Kelly opposing HR 7, authorizing impeachment investigation of Master Philip Cross, 3/1/2011

    Supreme Court Order Concerning the Use of Electronic Devices, 1/15/2008  (PDF)

    Rules of Civil Procedure, 5/17/2007 
    Proposal before NH Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules for June 13 Public Hearing

    Rules of Criminal Procedure - Rules Committee Proposal, 5/17/2007

    Status of the Legal Profession Report, 2/2007  (PDF)
    The NH Commission on the Status of the Legal Profession has issued a report that lays out a vision for radical change for the legal profession and the justice system. The 45-page report is available in PDF format on the Court's Web site. Also available is a Minority Report on Status of Legal Profession.

    Unbundling of Legal Resources, 2006

    Criminal Jury Instructions Draft
    Criminal Jury Instructions page includes a table of contents and each section broken out as a separate PDF
    Criminal Jury Instructions Draft  (PDF) 1.32 Mb, 262 pgs - Released by Criminal Jury Instructions Drafting Committee, 7/2006

    Final Report of the Task Force on Family Law
    The task force on family law submitted their final report to Governor Benson on 11/1/2004. Click the links below to review the introduction, report and appendix PDFs.

    Association News
    Feb. 21, 2012 letter to House Judiciary Chair Robert Rowe re: HB 1655, 2/22/2012

    Is Your Case Good Law?, 4/21/2011
    Casemaker's NEW optional citation service shows if your case is still good law!

    Casemaker: "Westlaw Product at a Google Price", 9/10/2010

    Judicial Independence--and Accountability (7/9/2010)
    Tony F. Soltani's article, originally published in the September 16, 1998 issue of Bar News, is referenced in the July 16, 2010 issue of Bar News.

    NH's 'We the People' Event on YouTube, 2/5/2008

    NH Bar Association Offers Affordable Websites, 10/5/2007

    The Duke Lacrosse Case, 5/8/2007 (PDF)
    Opinion Article by Richard B. McNamara

    NHBA News Release: We The People Competition Celebrates 20th Anniversary, 1/2007 (PDF)

    NH Mock Trial Champions, Bishop Guertin, head to national championships
    , 2007 (PDF) 

    Work/Life Task Force Canons, 11/16/2006 (PDF)

    Statement from NHBA President Richard Uchida, 10/20/2005 
    Discusses the Public Protection Fund and other measures in place to provide for early detection of, or compensation for, victims of attorney theft.

    2005 NHBA Fall Leadership Conference, 9/2005 
        Topic: Future of the Legal Profession

    Justice Joseph P. Nadeau Retirement web page, 12/2005 

    Giving Back: A Report on Volunteerism by NH Lawyers
    , 7/2003 (PDF)

    Preparing an Investment Policy  (PDF)
    NH Bar Journal article, December 1996

    Statement on the Value of the Legal Profession
    NHBA statement on value of the legal profession, 2/2/2007 (PDF) 

    Military Honor Roll
    NHBA Military Honor Roll
    The New Hampshire Bar Association is proud of its members and staff who have answered the call to service since 9/11.
    Constitutional Amendment Discussion

    Advice on Professional & Ethical Considerations re: Volunteer Election Day Lawyering, 10/2004 (PDF)

    Reasons to Vote No on Question 1, 2004

    Order to Recall Voters' Guide, 10/26/2004 (PDF)
    The full order issued by Judge Kathleen McGuire

    Amendment Is Unnecessary and Dangerous, 10/2004 (PDF)
    by Russell Hilliard NH Bar Policy Statement on Constitutional Question, 10/2004

    NHBA Concerns Regarding the Legislatively Written "Voters' Guide" to the Amendment, 10/2004 (PDF)

    Why You Should Vote Yes on the Amendment, 10/8/2004
    by Eugene Van Loan & Hon. Robert Lynn (Published in Oct. 8 issue of Bar News)

    League of Women Voters Urges Caution on Amendment, Voters' Guide, 10/2004 (PDF)

    Court Issues Discussed

    Belknap County Lawyers' Petition in Support of Stenographers, 7/2004 (PDF)
    Letter from James M. Carroll to Chief Justice Broderick

    Chief Justice's Response to Belknap County Lawyers' Petition, 4/14/2004 (PDF)

    Unification of the Bar Discussed

    Giving Members a Choice - 9/5/2003
    Letter to Bar News, by Rep. Robert Rowe

    HB 175 Seeks to Cripple the Bar, 5/23/2003
    By Frederic K. Upton

    Where Have We Been - The Case for a Voluntary and Independent Bar in NH, 12/1/2002
    by Attorney Vincent A. Wenners, Jr.

    Governor: 'Lawyers Capable of Protecting Own Rights', 6/7/2002
    Text of Governor Jeanne Shaheen's letter to the Legislature re: her May 18 HB465 Veto

    Where Have We Been ~ Where Are We Headed, 6/1/2001
    The Case For and Against the Unified Bar in NH by Attorney Bruce W. Felmly

    Petition of Michael J. Tocci, 4/23/93 (PDF)

    Bar's Role in Legislation: The Chapman Opinion, 5/1/1986 (PDF)

    Unification Referendum - Case Pleadings, 2003-2004

    Opinion Re: Petition of New Hampshire Bar Association, 6/14/2004 (PDF)

    Order Re: Conduct of Referendum, 2/17/2004 (PDF)

    NHBA Motion to Stay, 2/12/2004 (PDF)

    Bar's Reply Brief on Mandatory Bar Litigation, 11/14/2003 (PDF)

    Reply Brief by Attorney General on Legislation Regarding Mandatory Bar, 10/17/2003 (PDF)

    Brief by House and Senate on Unified Bar Legislation, 10/17/2003 (PDF)

    NH Bar Association Brief on Unified Bar Legislation, 9/17/2003 (PDF)

    Petition for Declaratory Relief, 8/1/2003 (PDF)
    In Re: New Hampshire Bar Association (Deunification Legislation)

    Response on UPL by In-House Counsel

    The Board of Governors received several comments from members of the Bar, which it considered in preparing its response. Also posted below is the Court's July 2, 2003 order and the unnamed applicant's memorandum addressing the issue.

    NH Bar & AG's Response to ADM-2003-0060, 9/29/2003 (PDF)

    Supreme Court Order re: ADM-2003-0060, 7/2/2003 (PDF)

    Petitioner's Memorandum re: ADM-2003-0060, 7/2/2003 (PDF)

    Kamasinski Filings

    NHBA's Response Brief to Kamasinski's Appeal to 1st Circuit Court, 1/9/2004 (PDF)

    Theodore Kamasinski's Appeal Brief, 11/28/2003 (PDF)

    District Court Order Dismissing Kamasinski Appeal 'With Prejudice', 7/17/2003 (PDF)

    NH Bar Association's Press Release, 2/5/2003 (PDF)

    Kamasinski Final Order, 1/30/2003  (PDF)

    Attorney General's Answer & Cross-Petition vs. Kamasinski, 1/3/2002 (PDF)

    NHBA Answer to Kamasinski Petition, 11/6/2001 (PDF)

    Kamasinski Petition for Declaratory Judgment, 10/23/2001 (PDF)

    Judge Lynn's Opinion & Order, 10/15/2001 (PDF)


    Supreme Court Rule 42(9) requires all NH admitted attorneys to notify the Bar Association of any address change, home or office.

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