By George Moore

NHBA Executive Director

The TechConnect consulting program, a new member service run and funded by the New Hampshire Bar Association, is set to go live at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 25.

This first-of-its-kind member benefit offers NH Bar members the opportunity to consult with the Affinity Consulting Group, nationally known for their  legal technology expertise, about making cutting-edge legal technology work for solo practices and law firms.

As I set out last month, any member can access this service through the NHBA website and email a question or set up a one-on-one 30-minute consultation with one of our Affinity consultants.

However, it is important that members first understand what this program is not — do not laugh, as I have already been asked these questions:

What TechConnect is NOT

  1. The program is not to help you with your personal gear. No questions about your iPhone freezing up, or strange orange lines showing up on the PlayStation.
  2. The consulting is not intended to be an emergency response to an existing crisis. So, if your printer starts smoking as you put together a brief, do not use this service.
  3. The service can’t help you with your interface with the court system. Our consultants don’t have insight into the court’s software, so no questions on e-filing.
  4. The system does not allow you to chain book four ½ hour consultations together to create a 2-hour consultation. Experience shows that most issues can be resolved within ½ hour.  If more time is needed, a follow-up appointment can be made.
  5. The consultants are not service people. They deal with current technology. Don’t bother looking for where you can get replacement parts or programs for those 25-year-old ink jet printers or the Sun Microsystems computer running MS-DOS.


So, with those ground rules, ask questions and get answers. Dovetail your technology to the needs of your practice. Find out how to save steps and money by having the right technology.

        Think about the possibilities….

  1. How to access cloud computing.
  2. Electronic document management.
  3. Variations in law practice management tools.
  4. Digital billing and accounting.
  5. Opportunities for mobile tools and devices to access everything from everywhere.
  6. Electronic editing for complex legal documents.
  7. How to fully use your Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel.
  8. Speech recognition options.
  9. Electronic security measures and encryption.
  10. Variation in data backup options and solutions.

These are only a sampling of how TechConnect can revitalize and enhance your practice, your profitability, and your sanity. Just go to the NHBA Home page on September 25 (see a screenshot of the webpage below) or thereafter and enjoy this cutting-edge member service!